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Apr 22, 2011

Hello Everyone!! this morning has been a VERY productive morning for me. I paid off the last bit of my credit card, never to worry about it again!! This is huge!! I never had a ton of debt, but when you don't work, even the minimun payment feels like a maximum. But no more worries! Thanks Lord!! He takes care everyone. He certainly does.

Have you ever thought about what Jesus meant when he said "I come to give you life abundant."? I dont think, in fact I'm pretty 100% certain that Jesus didn't die for us to make sure that Christians are wealthy and that they all have the cars and homes of their dreams. Because... I would say that earnestly following the Lord, I am living life in full. I'm totally living a wonderfully abundant life... my marriage is super happy (blessings), I have the GREATEST, seriously GREATEST friends and family a person could ask for (more blessings), I'm going to school to learn how to effectively lead others in worship for crying out loud (even more blessings)!!  I dont know, My husband (being the super amazing Spritual Leader that he is), and I have been thinking about that a lot lately. What does the Lord really mean when He says that He wants to bless us? Financial blessings are super great, I'm not negating that, but in a lot of ways I think our ideas, and His ideas I think have gotten mixed up. Okay, soap box moment over. What do you think?

OKAY! ANYWAYS!!! Second installment of pictures from San Diego. Oh, Em, Gee. What a great day this was! My parents took Nathan and I to this great little french cafe on University, everything inside was a beautiful as could be. Seriously, whenever I see a case full of pastries, I just die, becuase I want to sample every single one. I held back... mostly because I didn't want to obligate my dad to the check. I ordered probably the most delicious Yogurt Parfait I think I have ever had, and as you can see, I was very very very excited about. Look how beautiful it was! You'd be stoked too.
 Aforementioned overwhelmingly beautiful pastry case.
 the yogurt parfait of my dreams
 Probably one of the mest mochas I have ever had. I don't think they meant to put an "N" on it, but I like to say that it was an "N" for Nathan...
Nathan's fancy mocha...
 I was trying to take one of those cool "candid" pictures of us just casually looking cool at a french cafe... Instead it just looks like I'm screaming at my Dad. HAHAHA. This picture literally makes me laugh out loud. Let me narrarate this picture:

ME: DAD! you're supposed to look cool, you know, like you don't know the camera's there
DAD: What?
MOM: (thinking to herself) This is just silly
NATHAN: (thinking to himself) I'm truly the most patient man in history.
 Nathan ordered a breakfast panini. It was delish, I had a bite.
 Our day was filled with thrift store shopping, so I didn't have a ton of oppertunity to take a million pictrues, as I would have liked, but I did capture this heartfelt moment. Nathan reading about his hero: James Van Der Beek. He was enthralled as you can see:)

So thats about it for me to day. I really would like to know what you think about what Jesus coming to give us "life abundant" what do you think that really means? I've already told you, so you already know what we think. ANYWAYS! I hope you enjoyed this second installment of San Diego Dreamin'. HA. See you soon!!


  1. Yay! Love this post! I laughed so hard at so many points. It was truly entertaining. Great work my dear!

  2. You are so cute! I like reading your posts. :) "Life Abundant" is something I'm learning about also, in the form of life lessons. I experienced "Life Abundant" a few years ago, when my life was going well and basically painless. It was so easy for me to trust God and I was all about His kingdom. Then, in the last few years, things have happened that have shaken me, and God exposed deep fears and wounds that needed to be healed. And He's been healing them. It's been painful, but He's been gentle, and I'm more free now then I was. But now I'm having to learn how to have "Life Abundant" in the midst of enemy attack, and in the midst of situations that could cause my faith in Jesus to waver. Through this season I've had to learn to stand on the God's word like I never have before. I can say that Life Abundant includes peace in the midst of hard times. On the "wealth" side of it, I agree with you that it can include it, but doesn't always. I'd be curious to know what the underground church and the persecuted believers would have to say about the Prosperity Doctrine. Interestingly, I recently heard a story about a man who had been housing a Christian Chinese couple while they were visiting the states. When he dropped them off at the airport, as the couple were about to board, they told the man that they pray for the western church. He meant to say thank you, but instead other words came out of his mouth, and he asked, "How do you pray for us?". They told him that they pray that the western church will become more persecuted. They have learned that in the face of adversity, a christian has to cling to the Word of God more than when life is so much easier. And ultimately, a believer who is rich in spirit, is rich.


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