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Apr 11, 2011

Oh Em Gee everyone. This weekend was super super crazy, and I had NOOOO time to take any real pictures. Sorry! I've been slaving away over money stuff for school and life, Taxes, FAFSA, you know the drill, all very tedious, all very necessary. Oh money, what a pain. Anyways, this weekend was really fun. My Friday was so restful and nice, and my Saturday was super fun in Stockton.

Here are the pictures to prove my glorious time. No outfit posts as I didn't really wear anything super worthy of a post, but you'll see what I wore to my show. I wore maybe the worst outfit in the world to the nail salon with my mom, but our nail salon is in WAL-MART!!! So... fashion isn't exactly the first thought on my mind when sitting in the pedicure chair.
The Obligatory ride to Stockton Picture. Look how buff Nathan is! I always comment on it. ha.
 My super huge Beer  water.
 HAHAHA!! how over the top is this pedicure. The girl just went for it without asking me, so this is what I got. But hey, It's super fun, so I'm gonna stick with it. I feel like this is exactly what you should expect getting your pedicure at Wal-Mart.
 My favorite fruit, and the Latte that my Dad made me. My dad is the king barrista.
 These are a few shots from the show. It was super fun. I played with some other bands that I totally didn't fit with, but they were really talented, and SUPER nice:)
 I'm sure you're surprised that I wore my Man Repeller sweater.
Just a shot of my mom's flowers. SO beautious.
 Nathan was recording last night at TJ's and I found these little gems. They didn't even cover my whole eye, and the arm didn't even reach my ears!! But still a good look I would say.
 Nathan and the men friends working away. They've now named Kevin the Ace of Bass...Think Motorhead "Ace of Spades"...Not Ace of Base "I saw the sign" the 90's pop band. I am really super glad that I got the "Making Great Music" Banner in the shot. However, I didn't manage to get a picture of the "Heroes of our Community Banner" With cartoons of policemen and firemen and doctors and teachers. Cute.

Also, on a totally random side-note, I think when I grow up, I'd like to be a guidance counselor. I know my guidance counselor in High School really super encouraged me and I credit her as my inspiration to ever go to college... I dont know, I really love to talk to/help/ minister to people in trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives.

Well everyone, thats about it. Kind of a weird post. I think I'm getting sick, which is something I'm not used to. I never got sick before starting school, I think it's from lack of sleep and over working my body by staying up all day every day. Oh well. Everyone! Stay Rested! it's good for your health!! See you soon :)


  1. Ok first: you don't own a darn thing that is man-repelling! hah! Next: I'm so excited for you! Sorry I didn't go to the show! I was at work, but I'm sure it was Freaking FANTASTIC! :):):):):D Also--guidance counselor: awesome idea, you are very (naturally) encouraging!!!...maybe you could do it at a music charter school! :) I know they have a few of those all over our area, as well as in Northern CA (SLO area!) I googled and found a few:

    scratch that...I don't know what to search.charter, private...performing arts primary schools.....etc :) starbucks soon! :) we'll chat!

  2. I've just stumbled across your blog and you seem to have a pretty sweet life/outlook on life.

    1. The pedicure is redonk! However, I'd take it at this point...the winter has been cruel and WHY NOT have a tiny flower on my big toe?!

    2. Isn't figuring out your future fun? It sends me into panic mode sometimes.


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