I won't say that women belong in the kitchen, but they don't belong in the dugout

Apr 6, 2011

Hello everyone!! It's such a beautiful day, and I'm having a great one. I really am. I just feel like there's nothing the Lord cannot do, and thats true, so what a great way to feel right? Man. Anyways, why am I having a great day you ask? Well, I've just found out that Im going to be one of the team leads for WJU Chapel worship next year!! I'm so excited! I'm afraid my team might think I'm a Nazi, but they'll be glad after a while... ALSO, I turned in a paper that has been looming over my head for about 3 weeks, so I feel lighter than air. Projects are beginning to be turned in, so that means by the time Spring break rolls around... no homework over break, and I just have the time of my life in San Diego with my family. Woo Hoo!!

Anyways, this is what I decided to wear today. Are you getting tired of the skirt yet? I'm not...obviously because I wear it at least once a week, I'm so obsessed with it. AND how girly is this super frilly top? I just love it. The color is actually my favorite thing about it. It's actually warm enough for me to wear it without a sweater, so I'm really glad about that. It has a racerback so it's kind of different in the back, and I like that.
 Thats my husbands guitar, because we all know, I'm not that cool. I just play the piano.

I thought with this post I would give you a tour of mine and Nathan's little apartment. Here it is:
 KITCHEN: Enter chauvinistic joke now.
 DINING ROOM: (alright dining spot)
I wear this necklace almost every single day, it's my most favorite necklace of all time. My mom got it for me when she went to Alaska.
 (ITS 7AM at the time of this photo so here's the door to our bedroom...Nathan's still asleep)
 So maybe it's not in the cards that I should take a good picture of these wonderful little wedges. Who knows.
 Since I do get to school pretty early in the morning and it's pretty chilly, I threw on my motorcycle jacket. It oddly works. I feel like it makes me look really tough.

WJU FEATURE!!!!! The Insanely Fashionable and Insanely Gorgeous Breanne McCluskey. Just get a load of her beauty shall we. She is AMAZING! Not to mention so sweet and thoughtful, and in love with life. Whenever I ask her where she got something it always "Oh some hole in the wall place in Rome" or "Oh some great little flea market in Paris". You know the usual spots. I want to be her.
 UGH!!! this bag. It makes me covet my neighbor so bad right now. not to mention the shoes. Oh Breanne, you beautious woman you.

Well everyone, thats about it for me today. GREAT DAY. Thanks Lord!! Great things happening. It's time for me to go, and prepare for my spring recital. Tell me how much you love Breanne's beautiful outfit!! More Jessup features to come, but the internet's being weird at school right now. See you soon!!


  1. Sooooo cute, love the shoes. :)

    The Cat Hag

  2. One of my fav outfits! The second I saw the pic where you threw that leather jacket to rough up the look, I said "YES". I think out loud lol.

    And I always thought ms Breanne is so so great!!


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