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Apr 29, 2011

Hi Everyone!! Happy Friday right?! I have to say, for being the first week back from spring break,  I was really worried about it being overwhelming and stressful, but it coudln't have been more the opposite! It was such a breeze! I think partly because it was only 4 days long, and partly becasue I had no homework due when I got back. I also got to see my friends again, which is always the best part of anything really. I have to be honest, Im looking forward to summer break, but I'm kind of at a loss as to what the heck I'm going to do with myself! It only takes me about an hour to post a blog entry, I can't just blog away all day... I think I'm gonna have to find a summer job.  so sad.

Anyways, this is what I decided to wear today. I have to say... this is probably my most favorite outfit that I have every worn. This color is the best color of all time. I realize that I'm just a vision of peach, but thats just how I like it: chromatic. No one can say that didn't match today! I also love the beading. I bought this shirt form Freestyle, of course, but it orginally came from Forever 21, I was a little bit shocked, because I feel like it looks legitimately vintage.

 I took these pictures at the house next door to my parent's house. It's been forclosed for the better part of two years. I saw the open gate and thought to myself "this could be fun". It didn't occur to me that it could have been dangerous, or real-estate people could have been walking through. It's pretty apparent that no one's been there in forever, because the grass is so high. But it sure does make for picturesque-ness!

 I don't this my wedding ring and my nail polish could have matched this outfit better. this was not planned.

 This skirt has pockets! It's so great! I found it in the vintage section at Freestyle, it was only $6! I couldn't resist. I needed to have it.
 Of course, my new favorite shoes: the wooden platforms. People, hide your little tosies, if I step on them, it will really hurt, AND I won't even realize that I'm stepping on them, because the platform is so thick.
Well everyone! Thats about it for me! I think I might venture on over to that house tomorrow for some picture taking fun, maybe not. OH! nevermind, I know where I'm gonna go, but you're just gonna have to check in tomorrow to see! Have a suuuuper great friday night everyone! see you soon.

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  1. Lovely ensemble. Love the shoes.

    Helen, X


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