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Apr 8, 2011

Hi Everyone! I hope you're all having a great FRIDAY!! Yay, the weekend!! This weekend is gonna be so fun. I'm playing a show tomorrow night in Stockton at the HUB, which should be really fun, AND tonight we're celebrating my former Boss' birthday at the Lodi Brewery.

Today I did NOT go to school!! I needed a break from eartraining for one thing, and I didn't have to go to choir today, so...three day weekend! hooray!! So I'm here at Starbucks blogging away. Thank goodness for the free internet that abounds at Starbucks, and for the huge Russian men with Huge gold chains around their necks who are speaking Russian next to me. I love listening to other languages.

ANYWAYS! This is what I decided to wear to day. I bought this dress yesterday and I was so excited about it, I had to wear it today. THE SLEEEEVES!!! They are my most favorite in all of the world, and the print, and the color, and the much beauty, I douln' resist the urge to wear it. The craziest thing of all is the fact that this is a Jovovich Hawk Dress from Target (of course I bought it at Freestyle)! Target's designer coloborations are my favorite, but they are kind of expensive for Target, so I never buy them brand new.
 I thought I would venture outside of the box today with taking pictures, and not take them against our back fence and instead wander around my apartment complex. I dont know if walking on this ledge is allowed, I know that if I were a little girl I probably wouldn't have been allowed.

 the Hem/Trim/Print/Colors.... are equally my favorite thing about this dress. I love ruffly chiffon.

 ANOTHEr WJU FEATURE!! This fine little woman is one of my most favorite people on campus. She is just adorable on all levels. She is a fellow musician and blogger (!) on campus, so we havea ton to talk about. Besides the fact that she's totally cute, and that she loves clothes, she heart for the Lord is huge, AND this girl sings soooo great. Think... Shakira meets.... Broadway meets.... who knows, he voice is so unique and beautiful. I just love love love my little Nicole. When she walked into conducting, I knew I had to feature her. She is nailing the 70's trend right now.

OH YEAH!! how coudl I forget?! Nathan cooked dinner the other night... it was sooooo yummy. Chicken and Rice. It was just perfect. I wish there was more, I would have gone back for seconds. This is my beautiful husband in action. Haha.

Well, that about it for me, I really need to get going. I have a ton of stuff to do before Nathan gets off at 4, and it's definitely 3:28. Good grief. When does the time go? Anyways, be productive this weekend? It feels so great to be able to cross stuff off of a to-do list. I can't wait for tomorrow night. If you're in the Stockton, CA area, like I said earlier, I'm playing a show at Quail Lakes Baptist Church at 8pm. It's free, so you should probably come! If I dont see you tomorrow night, I'll see you soon!!


  1. I agree with you, Nicole has a great voice, a gift from God. She sure looks beautiful with her new style of clothes :)

  2. btw your dress is beautiful but so are you. Nice, modest and femenine style :)

  3. pretty, pretty! that shirt looks super fun & comfy. i love your shoes as well!


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