Disneyland Forever!

May 4, 2015

Hello! Thought you might like to see a re-cap of what I've been up to since getting back from Spring break :) Let me tell you, I've been crazy busy...going to Disneyland!!

I really wasn't going for the dapper thing, but with short hair, and no ponytails, it just kind of happened to me. I've also been obsessed recently with my heart shaped glasses. Look how happy they are! Also, if you're drinking a mint julep in Disneyland, your glasses might just form themselves in hearts over the joy that fills your soul by being in Disneyland drinking a mint julep!
The weather was perfection, and the crowds weren't terrible! We ran into friends, that I  forgot to take pictures of because I was having too much to fun to stop and pull out my camera, and we ate the best food in the world.

My extremely sweet students made these glorious shirts for themselves with my face on them so that everyone could identify that we were a group. They also made me one...with their faces on it! I know they have to graduate, but I sure am going to miss these guys!
Here's us looking all Choir-y...

Here's the real us!

So there you go, brief, but I feel like I got the job done... stay tuned for a real and more substantial post about needing creativity in my life! See you soon!!!

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