Follow God And Do As You Wish

Apr 8, 2015

Hi Everyone! Happy Wednesday to you! I hope this week has been treating you well thus far. I've been able to stay productive despite the rain, but yesterday the Lord really put this on my heart to share. I think it's the artsy teacher side of me that compells me to post this today.

I went to a tiny Christian high school in Lodi, CA, and when I was a senior I had no plan. College was just the next step, so I went to the local JC and wandered around until I found something I wanted to do. Thats when I found myself in the local music scene, I went to shows and I made new and very interesting friends. I wasn't declared, but I took tons of music classes because thats what I liked enough to stay in school. They were not easy courses (music I right), but they came easily to me. Being a Music Major wasnt something that I chose. It was almost like music chose me. Almost like... it was something God wanted me to do.

It's about this time of year when "the top 10 worst college majors" lists come out. Here are the top 5.
1) English/Literature
2) Fine Arts
3) Religious Studies (whoops)
4) Performing Arts (dang it)
5) Education (oh, come on!)

It almost makes me laugh. What makes these majors "the worst" is based soley on income. I have two favorite quotes. One of them has nothing to do with this post, but it's from Abraham Lincoln, and he rocks. The other is from St. Augustine, and is the title of this post. "Follow God and do what you want."  This changed my life a high school student who hated the academic side of school. I didn't want to go to school to just have a job that would put me behind a desk, and everything that entails. (Which is totally ironic as a teacher).

So I didn't! I played music! I played shows! I dropped out of College (don't do that though)! I traveled! I worked in ministry! I got married! Then I went back to school...when I realized that no degree meant working at Victoria's Secret in Stockton CA my whole life... and I majored in Music and Bible and Theology. The two things I love the most, and I am getting to do those things all day everyday, ironically as a high school music and bible teacher. I am not making the "median income" as Mr. Forbes would call it. By all worldy standards I am working way too hard for way too little money. But what is that compared to conversations with students about Christ, after class been let out! What is money compared to that which is eternal. What is money in comparison to the peace of mind that comes from obedience? What is money in comparison to love? 

Jesus told the pharisees on the day of conflict before his crucifixion, "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, but give to God what is God's." If what you love is business (and truthfully, if you're a creative mind, a business major can totally allow your creative mind to be free and fulfilled), or engineering, or math/science, then yay you! Give that to the Lord and be awesome! If what you love is painting, or writing, or unerwater basketweaving, then yay to you too! If you are doing what you love in obedience to Christ, money is no object. Make money so you can live (and pay your taxes), But Give the Lord what belongs to Him...everything else. It's all his anyways.

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  1. For underwater basket weaving see Santa Cruz & Sav Diego- the only two colleges that had it available in 2010 when I was finishing college myself & my history minded friends had to find out if it existed. It does. ***Thanks for this post Rachel. Even after college it's a great reminder to remember the point isn't others measurements***


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