Spring Break Bucket List (Budget Edition)

Apr 1, 2015

Spring Break is upon VCS! Yay! You can image if this is how the teachers feel, what my kids must be feeling. I feel sorry for both parties. We want break, but I still have stuff to teach! Please! Please stay engaged, students, whom I love and adore! Just a day and a half to go! And while this time is only 6 school days long, I am soooo tempted to just turn on Friends, New Girl, Parks and Rec, you name it, and veg. But no! I will not veg! I'll sleep in for sure, but I wanna be creative and productive, and grow as well. Here's how I plan on spending my spring break, while spending as little money as possible.

1) Write a full song.
2) Finish The Autobiography of Elanor Roosevelt (I do it all for you, Leslie Knope)
3) Post 3 Blog Posts (over the course of the week)
4) Read My Bible Everyday by the river-walk downtown
5) Go to the beach (duh)
6) finish my taxes (so not fun)
7) Coffee with friends. Lots and Lots of coffee.

Also, Easter is upon us, there shall be a separate post on that for sure as well. See you soon!

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