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Mar 27, 2015

Good Friday to you all!! What a crazy week this has been! VCS went through accreditation. It basically means we have to prove that we do all that we say we do. One this I learned through this process: No single person runs the whole show, and ultimately, if it's good, it's God that does it. It's been a long year of paperwork, committee meetings, and in-service days. The process began last spring, intensified through the school year, and is now over. WE did it. VCS is a fantastic place to work, and go to school. Being a teacher is such a labor of love.

Which actually brings me to my next thing, which I am beyond excited about! I have partnered with a great company called Banner Apparel as a brand ambassador! they're stuff caught my eyes a few months ago, and I've just fallen in love with their brand. Everything is based on scripture (which my being a Bible Teacher, you can imagine my delight). Their whole line and purpose for being is to glorify the Lord, and that is something I can totally get behind. Not to mention, this may be the softest tank top ever worn by mankind.

There are so many verses in Scripture that tell us to love above all other things. It's something we so easily let go of in the distractions of life. Even when we're doing something we love. As Christians it's so important that we remember why we love...at all! It's because of Jesus. The response to his love for us poured out on the cross. Our only response, our only WORTHY response is to love Jesus, try to be more like him, by loving those around us. It's not a ladder of love that we climb to Jesus, but the hub from which we operate. Because of Love, I do (enter your thing here). For me it's teaching, music, blogging, get coffee, wash the laundry... Because of the cross, I live, and I love.

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