Santa Cruz, Not Beach Day: Battling Busyness

Mar 24, 2015

Hi Everyone! I know what you're thinking: ANOTHER beach trip?! The Answer is a loud and resounding and unapologetic, YES YES YES. Living in Napa, Santa Cruz is way more accessible than it used to be (and it still didn't stop us).  

The fact is, during the week, as a teacher there is no real down time. This sounds like maybe I'm not making an effort, but I can't leave work at work. I think and talk and live about my students. When I get home, I think and talk about school. So, weekend day-trips really do make all the difference for us. It allows us to get away and be a couple and talk about music, and Jesus, and life, and laugh and not wear work clothes or sweats. We get to catch up. If we're not very intentional about this kinda stuff, it's easy to slip away from each other and not even know it. Busyness gets the better of the both of us, and it really gets the better of me. This is how we battle it.

We did, however, venture out of our comfort zone! We went to this little cafe that I don't remember being at the end of Pac-Ave last time we were there. It's Called LuLu Carpenter. Nate isn't a coffee shop person (I know, very sad), so I knew I was taking a risk. It was so worth it. I had one of the best mochas I think I have ever had. The in-house whip cream is the perfect amount of sweetness (which for me isn't very sweet). And Nathan liked it too! It was so wonderful. 

Nate and I are also Boba or Bubble Tea fans. Some people don't like the texture, but I say, if Boba is wrong, then I don't want to be right! Also, How cute is this little cat, and the picture in the back! The shop is so bright and colorful! I just love it!

Northern California people! Do you have a place you love? I want to know! Do you have a coffee shop that you can't live without? Where's "your place"? Where do you go to get away for the day? I would love to hear about your favorite date places :)

See you soon!

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