Walking Dates in Napa

Mar 2, 2015

Hi Everyone! I hope you had a great week. Mine was so very busy! I couldn't even take one second to even to jot down a single thought. Life gets crazy for me in this part of the school year. I have two huge field trips that takes a ton of energy organize and prepare for, and three other classes to maintain. It's a lot. Not to mention Spring break is five weeks away. I'm not counting or anything!

This past Saturday we walked downtown to Model Bakery in the Oxbow District for breakfast. This place makes the best breakfast Sandwiches! I get the chipotle breakfast sandwich, and a mocha every time. Sometimes you have to wait in a long line that goes out the door, but it is so worth it. Also, it's just really nice to be able to walk from our house to Model and chat with Nathan about life, and Jesus, and music. He tends to be the best for that :)

We talked about how, Right now the Lord is really showing me the true desires of my heart, which I have been praying that He would do for a while. It's started with the fast, and it is slowly but surely being more and more confirmed as I proceed through the school year. My real desire and passion is ministry and music, and I am praying about the most effective way to do that VCS, and how to make sure the students are being ministered to in the way that they need. I know what the Lord is saying for me to do, but it's about me trusting him and taking that next step. I know he will take care of it. If there is one thing I've learned over these past few years, is that, if it's what God wants, He makes it happen. So I'm trusting Him. Then our conversation moved on to really deep stuff... like which Marvel action figures Nate needs to finish his collection.
Model Bakery in Napa, Parrish The Thought
Model Bakery in Napa, Parrish The Thought
Model Bakery, Parrish The ThoughtModel Bakery in Napa, Parrish The Thought
Succulents at Model Bakery in Napa,  Parrish The Thought
Succulent boxes at Model Bakery in Napa, Parrish The Thought
Model Bakery in Napa, Parrish The Thought

First Street Bridge in Napa, Parrish The Thought

See you soon!

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