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Mar 5, 2015

Hey Everyone! Have you ever wondered where fashion/lifestyle bloggers find the time to look cute every day? I really do.Especially the one's that have jobs. I actually do make an effort every single morning to do my hair, and put on something cute, but when it comes to really doing my make-up, it just doesn't happen. I hate feeling like I have to rush, so I go to work bare-faced. I will say, my skin loves me for it. Maybe if I didn't have to work until 9am, I would have the time/energy to do my make-up, but since I commute, and school starts at 7:40, good skincare is all I've got.

So today I say, "If it's wrong to to post pictures of your outfits while not wearing make up in your classroom, then I don't want to be right!"

Here I am, not wearing make-up! This is how I normally look at school. I wear these glasses to appear like I kind of made some sort of beauty effort. To be truthful, I am in no way trying to make a statement by not wearing make-up, It's just that, in the battle between having coffee and wearing always wins!
Parrish The Thought

Parrish The Thought

Parrish The Thought


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