Spring Break Bucket List - Revisited

Apr 7, 2015

Welp... Turns out, the weather is going to be very "springy". In fact it's raining! What about my bible-reading-by-the-river plan? Darn! My New Girl DVDs are calling my name so loudly, but no! I refuse to just sit and do nothing! Well, anyways, so I've been forced to take a new look at my bucket list... They're a little less ambitious, but oh well!! Also, with spring break, we've decided to save gas and only use one car...so I can only travel to places that are within walking distance.

1) Clean my house.
2) Go to Berkeley (much more rain friendly than the beach)
3) Participate in one C2C Challenge (if you dont know what that is, look up the Coast 2 Coast Challenge Blog! The girls love Jesus and clothes and artsy stuff in general... what could be more fun!)
4) Paint something everyday
5) Read my Bible Everyday
6) Write one song
7) Drink a ton of coffee.
8) Post three blog posts

So, Thus far I'm on my second blog post for spring break, which means I'm on a roll! I'm really thinking about how to word my next blog post about obedience and peace of mind. It's about this time of year when "worst majors in college in all of American History" lists come out, and guess what, all of my degrees are on that list! It's gonna be a fun post! See you soon! Try to stay dry you crazy california weather wimps.

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