People wear shorts to the Broadway theater. There should be a law against that.

Dec 19, 2011

Hello Everyone!! If anyone else is a full-time student, you are probably in the same boat as me, really soaking up the fact that I didnt have anything to do today. I didn’t have any homework, I didn’t have class, I didn’t have meetings, I didn’t have practices. I literally had nothing. I just woke up around 9am, and laid in my bed for a few minutes! Then, I talked with my mom on the phone, without feeling like I had to rush myself off the phone. It was wonderful!! So, that means I also had plenty of time to fully put together an actual outfit, and actually put on my make up the way I’d like to! Weird!

So what did I do with my day? Well, Mondays are Nathan’s day off, so we went and saw the matinee of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. I love going to the movies. Even if I don’t really like the movie all that much, I still really like just going. I can’t wait for the Muppets to come into the cheap theatre, I want to see it again. I think the Muppets wins best movie of the year for me.

ANYWAYS! This is what I decided to wear today. Out winter in the Sacramento area never really turns into a full on wintry wonderland with snow and stuff. It was sunny and gorgeous, more like a crisp fall day. Thus making it the perfect day for a coat, and shorts and tights with boots.

I have been patiently waiting for a pair of winter shorts, and they finally came into Freestyle in the form or Green corduroy. The color and material make them perfect for this type of weather.

Well everyone, that’s about it for me today. I have to take this top-knot out of my hair. I accidentally pulled it up too tight, and it’s giving me a crazy headache! I hope for everyone that your week is starting off on the right foot. Christmas is Sunday! Crazy!! See you soon!

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