Morning Has Broken, Finals are Over....

Dec 16, 2011

Oh hello lovely people of the blogosphere. I have missed you soooo much. I've been slaving away for the past few weeks getting ready for finals! It's so sad, with the semester ending so close to Christmas, you only get to enjoy a very small portion of the Holidays. But thats okay, I have every intention of soaking up every single second of this coming week. PLUS the WJU Music Department is putting on their major Christmas Concert, there are fewer things on earth more christmas-y than that!

My brother's are coming up from Southern California this week!! I miss them while they are living down there, so it's always a real treat when they come home. I also really like it that they still call it "coming home" even though, the three of us will probably never move back to Stockton.
Anway, this is not what I'm wearing today. this is basically what I wore all week for finals. You really can't go overboard thinking about outfits when your academic life hangs in the balance! Plus wearing a bun in your hair masks the fact that you are so exhausted that you dont ever take a shower... TMI?
 you really can't go wrong with a big grey sweater and a scarf. No matter what you look relevitively put together.

 I'm not sure if I've ever worn this scarf on this blog before, but my Grandma made this scarf for me! Isn't she a doll? Why, yes, she truly is. Also, I hadn't realized that I was standing directly infront of my Christmas tree for these pictures. It's kind of on the Charlie Brown side, but hey! It's got character (literally, look hard enough and you will see them!).

Also, the last time I went home to Stockton, look what my mom surprised me with!! Bare Minerals! This stuff is cosmetic gold to me. Since we moved the Sacramento Area, I haven't really been able to afford the luxuries I once did when we were living with my Parents.  I was so happy, I almost started crying! I hate my drugstore make-up! So thanks mom.
well everone, thats about it for me today! I'm actually at Shady instead of Starbucks today workign away because now I have the time and the funds to do so now that school is over and I'm able to work more hours over at Kohls. So, I'm just gonna eat my soup and relax!! Here's a better look at mine and Nathan's glorious display of Christmastime Merriment! I hope your guy's Holiday season isn't too crazy! I feel like this is the time of year when people need to slow down, but we never actually do! Sooooo... on that note, make an attempt to take it easy this Christmas season!! See you soon!
Oh, and yes, that is Michael Jackson in that ornament thats wayyy to heavy for our little tree and, you're right, it definitely play "The Way You Make Me Feel"

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  1. Haha looove the tree! I really like the color of that scarf. I may make my new scarf in that color. Also, I looove Bare Minerals! I think I may actually own the same color lipgloss :)



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