Guest Blogger: Candy from Taylor And Demolish

Dec 1, 2011

Hey everyone! So here's kind of a new concept for Parrish the Thought: A GUEST BLOGGER! Why did I never think to do this before?! ANYWAYS!

You have to meet this girl. She came to me via IFB message, and I was drawn to her instantly. Her city style is so great, and she is so bold and brave. Here's an introduction to her blog, I hope you love her, because, well... us Sacramento people could use a little New Yorker style in our lives! Plus the fact, that it's probably imperative that you click on her DIY posts. SO... without Further a do: Candy!!

I've always been awkward when it came to using words to describe myself, so I've always hoped that describing myself visually did a much better job.  My love for things edgy and soft comes from the fire I have in my heart for God and my desire to be more kindhearted like Him.  I'm the Christian who wears black lipstick.  I'm the accountant who rocks a mohawk.  I'm the runner and workout fiend who is obsessed with chocolate.  I appear to be a contorted bag of contradictions but what I really just me.  I love rich (in color) and expensive (in quality) clothing but I love making things on my own, so my fashion blog, taylor & DEMOLISH, was created.  At taylor & DEMOLISH, I express everything I love about fashion, explain my personal style, and host all of my DIY projects.  I'm so grateful to God for every amazing opportunity I've received from my blog and it because of that alone that I make sure to always stay true to myself and my OWN personal style in everything I post.

DIY LINKS: Just click on the links below picture if you're feeling especially crafty :)
3 - DIY Sheer Shirt (
4 - DIY Waxed Jeans (
5 - DIY High Waisted Mini Skirt (

Well everyone! be sure to go over to taylor & DEMOLISH and check out her blog.

Thats about it for me today. Life has been busier than ever, is this the same for you? I'm going nuts I feel like. Have a great rest of your week, the weekend is coming soon! Yes, Lord! See you soon


  1. Ooh. I dig her style. I am def going to try to wax my jeans. Very cool

  2. ahh, those DIY waxed jeans are awesome!
    definately checking out her blog :) xo


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