Night Is Falling, The World Is Sleeping

Dec 17, 2011

Hello everyone! I hope your Saturday is going great thus far! Mine is! It’s been pretty low-key. Lots of catching up on the things that really got away from me during these last few weeks. As I mentioned is my last post, it was finals, so that means the weeks before papers and projects are due. So, school got crazy, and as a result, so did my house and my car.
Tonight is the Jessup Christmas concert. Last year the event was totally sold out, so hopefully this year there’s the same enthusiasm. Huge crowds are always fun when it comes to performing. Anyways, this is one the biggest thing the music department does, so it’s gonna be really fun.

Anyways, on Wednesday I did have a little break from finals so I decided to actually put something together. The coat really makes the outfit festive, which was intentional as I was babysitting that night and I brought the kids that I watch some special Christmas treats. I wanted to look like a bearer of Christmas merriment! I think I accomplished that… especially with the cupcakes and hot cocoa. It’s also important to me that those kids like me better than their other babysitters. Hahahaha! Just kidding!! Oh, I’m so kidding. The other girls that watch them are girls that I am good friends with from school
 I think it's pretty evident by looking at my hair-don't that during finals week, even if you make an effort, sometimes you just still just look like a crazy person...

This little brooch is actually a little hair clip that my best friend growing-up made! She has a whole store on etsy full of really super cute stuff! Here are a few more examples of her really fun things! I’ve worn it in my hair before, and now that my hair actually starting to grow, I’ll be wearing this little guy way more!

Are these shoes not the funnest you have ever seen?! I know funnest isn’t a word, but it really communicates what I’m trying to say. When I was in the grocery store a man stopped me, and asked how many karats they were! He was old and funny, not like a creepy weirdo. I liked that guy.

That’s about it for me today everyone! I gotta start getting fancy for the Christmas concert tonight. Should be fun fun fun!! I’ll see you soon!


  1. I had finals too which was such a drag :(
    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    I love those shiny shoes.

  2. Your jacket is super cute and the brooch just makes it that much better!

  3. love your coat!


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