Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week.

Feb 27, 2011

Oh Hello Everyone!! OMG, Look at that sky!! Seriously, couldn't ask for a more beautiful sunday morning!! Nathan and I are still in Stockton, so I took advantage of my mom's beautiful garden to take pictures. It's kind of muddy, but whatevs, when you have a garden as a resource, you're a lunatic not to take advantage! I think I would be a terrible candidate to live someplace legitimately cold. I love the sun way too much. Even if it is kinda chilly.

Coat: Vinatge, Top: Thrifted, Skirt: F21 from Freestyle, Tights: Spanx, Wedges: BCBGirls from Freestyle.
  One of the buttons is missing from the coat, but it's in the pocket, I just have to get around to sewing it back on. It was such a steal. When I saw the price, it didn't even matter to me that spring is right around the corner. Besides, it's still pretty cold out. Easily under 50.

Me and Mandy at church. We're very American as you can see. Look how cute she is. The foyer at our church get really beautiful natural light.

I had my eye on these shoes for a while at freestyle. They're wedge platforms, so they feel more like a flat. Not great shoes to walk around the flea market, but they're perfect for church, or a show! We also went for pizza after church. There's a mission group going to Haiti, and they were doing a pizza lunch fundraiser thing at Straw Hat. Pizza.

Well everyone thats it for now. I hope your Sunday is warm and beautiful. I'll see you soon!!


  1. Hey Rachel~ loveeee the pic of you in the backyard. you are gorgeous :) but don't let it get to your head :) hehe

  2. thanks girl!! My parent's place is so much more scenic than ours!!


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