I Really Must Apologize...

Feb 18, 2011

This blog as had very little, fashionable attention since... well, ever. My camera's self timer has pretty much gone berzerk, and I have no idea what to do. Also in a bout of spontenaeity, and a breif span off 70 degree weather, I went out and sold all of my winter stuff, and bought spring stuff, now I literally have nothing to wear... If the self timer worked, you would see that in light of todays very stormy weather, I do in fact look like a lumberjack. So... if you're thinking, ugh, this blog has really become a downer, I have this to say... NO!!! Please be patient! This blog will get awesome in no time! I PROMISE.

On a more positive note, My borther, who is a computer master, is going to format this page to maximize it;s full potential. He's currently working on a great little design, so when he comes up with it, I'll show it to you! If you have any ideas, just post a little comment:)

Goodbye you faithful friends:) For the time has come for me to go. I have yet another Choir Concert.

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