Saving the Best For First

Feb 21, 2011


I think that I handle awkward situations pretty well. When they come my way I navigate around them with finesse… not.

Taking pictures of yourself, by yourself with your self-timer has got to be the most AWKWARD activity on this earth!!

What about those other girls though? The Fancy Tree Houses (who I follow religiously), or the Clothes Horses… Do those totally cute girls feel like big goobers taking pictures of themselves in things they know look great? To honest, I kind of hope they do… or at least did when they first started their blogs. Wouldn’t it seem strange if right away they were just like “Oh, I got this. How did I become such a good looking person?” I don’t get that impression from their blogs at all… but how do you look cute? I don’t know. Probably confidence.
Sweater (Silence & Noise from Freestyle), belt (vintage), Skirt (F21 from Freestyle), Socks (F21) Boots (Vintage), Navy Tank Dress (AA from Freestyle), Guitar (not mine, my husband’s, it’s name is Miss Molly, I’m not trying to cool with a Gretsch, it’s just too heavy for me to move)
these vintage boots were an impulse buy at the little Goodwill by mine and Nathan's church they were only $10!!
 I wear this sweater at least once a week. It’s my very favorite sweater, and it will probably make a ton of appearances on this blog. It was a beautiful sunny day, but I just can’t go bare legged yet. I have to wear dark hose (yes they are pantyhose). My legs are way to white to let them be free.
I commonly don’t wear-make up on days that I don’t go to school. I commonly don’t wear make-up on days that I do, but just in case you were wondering, I have no make-up on.
Everything I’m wearing is second hand. I refuse to pay full price for stuff. Not to mention it’s good for the earthJ

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  1. Rachel I know the feeling lady. Im really not one of much experience but I dd have a good share of taking pics of myself for my etsy shop. You, for one, are one to speak! You're adorable and youve always had quite the fashion sense. You'll do amazing - I think you starting a fashion blog is way overdue:-)

    Anyway, I'm just saying - way to be intentional about your blog. Love love your first outfit and am envious of those boots! I've been looking for a pair forever (affordable for me, rather).


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