Say Cheese and Die

Feb 10, 2011

Remember that goobery book series Goosebumps! My mom never let me read them, they were too scary. But then I got one for my birthday! But the joke was on me, because it really did freak me out. Thanks alot, friend from my childhood....

SPEAKING OF SAYING CHEESE.... I really desire a camera of my own. I think this will be the next purchase I save my money for. I have plenty of clothes and outfits for quite a while, so I dont need to be purchasing that. Nathan and I have a camera that we share, and it's not like I dont like to share, because I do. I just dont want to have to. Which means I suck at sharing...

I feel like I've been wasting time trying to look cute, because whats the point if its not going on to my blog?! Oh the Frustration...

On a much more practical and important note. the Jessup University Choir (the love of my life besides the Lord and my husband) is singing in Vacaville today at Vacaville Christian High School, and I'm really looking forward to it. I adore this Choir, it's probably my favorite thing ever. Not to the mention the drive to Vacaville really shows off the beauty of Northern California... I love it here.

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