My Ode to Man Repeller

Feb 25, 2011

This is seriously what this day looks like. I was actually blown to this point in the road. It was a pretty crazy drive to school. now... Is it safe to take a picture of the rainy wet road (say that three times fast)? Probably not, but seriously, look was hideous weather!!!

This day is crazy!! The weather is worse than anything I have ever seen! buut for whatever reason, I still decided to get cute. Wait, I know why. I had to lead worship in chapel, AND I have this blog, which inspires me to get cute. It was soooo cold and windy however that as soon as I stepped out of the door, I had to run back in and get my trusty beret.
So, For those of you who don't know what Man Repeller is, just click here, and you will know.The first time I saw this sweater it was hanging up on the wall at Freestyle, and I loved it instantly. When I pointed it out to my Husband, he said "Oh yeah, we just got that in, I hate it." and to which I replied "WHAT! You don't know anything about fashion". Anyways, we can all see who's advice I took...mine, and I'm very satisfied. Nathan...not so much. But seriously, what does he know? Also, I made the scarf that I'm wearing. It's so cozy and warm. I love scarves, and it's one of my favorite colors, rust.

Sweater: Sleeping on Snow from Freestyle, Grey Tank: AA (borrowed from Nathan), Lacey Tank: Volcom from Crossroads, Jeans: GAP from Freestyle, Boots: Dr Martins from Freestyle

I really like the ruffly-ness of the hem and sleeves. They're ruffly, not belled, which for the most part I hate.

I freaking MADE this!!

Your shins better get out the way of these boots. they are vrey tough! I wore them to face the weather. They served me very well. My little footsies weren't wet or cold!!

I also went out for a lunch date with my beautious friend Rachel, who's boyfriend's name is NATHAN!! Crazy. Anyways, she's truly one of my dearest friends, and I adore here. We went to Panera and chatted about all things life.

Rachel eating her vegan whatever she ordered. she'll probably say she doesn't look cute in this picture, but shes wrong! 

Tomato and Mozzarella Panini, Tomato Soup, Apple. Thanks Panera!!!

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