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Feb 24, 2011

Hi everyone!! So, yesterday was a beautiful day, filled with SHEEP (scroll down) and starbucks, but today... today is a gloomy cold windy day that called for a little bit warmer clothes. Tuesday and Thursdays are nice days because I dont have to be at school until 12:30. If I have loose homework ends to tie, I do, if I feel like making pancakes, I do, its nice. Today, I felt like going to my very favorite store in all the world, (which I will feature on this blog specially soon) Freestyle Clothing Exchange. Transition from fall to winter here is the weirdest, but i love love love spring color, and I'm so over wearing all black, so I went to Freestyle, to sell sell sell, and get some new stuff. One of my glorious findings you shall see tomorrow:)

This is what I decided to wear today. This is one of my most favorite sweaters!! It has a bear on it! It's super cozy, and loose, it's just the best. It's kind of itchy, but it's vintage, so what do you expect? It's short, so I have to wear a longer tank under it, so that takes away the itchiness a little bit. My jeans are pretty run of the mill. I'm not into wearing jeans, I only have three pairs. I'm much more of a dresses and skirts kinda girl. But it's just too too cold for that today. this is one of my favorite pairs of boots. vintage Justin cowboy boots... worn in and comfy, not too pointy like some can be. great for winter.
Sweater: vintage from Freestyle, Jeans: Express from Freestyle, Tank: thrifted, Boots: Vintage from Freestyle

This bear has the friendliest face! He just looks like he wants to give you a nice warm hug and cup of hot chocolate

These are my old stand bys. I carry the same bags every single day. While I do put a lot of thought into what I wear, I dont really put time and thought into accesories, This old dooney is exactly what I love: classic, vintage, dependable. Brief case I got for Christmas from my parents this year. It's vintage Coach, and it's perfect for my laptop and my acordian file.
 So, it's freezing out, so I have to wear a coat, this is the one I went with today. My army coat. It's very warm, and it still goes with my bear sweater.
coat: K2 from Freestyle

the furry part on the inside makes this little buddy feel right at home:)

AND let us not forget the sheep. The city of Rocklin has these "sheep people" come out with their sheep to eat the grass, so wheny ou drive by any feilds, there's a good chance that there will be sheep as far as the eye can see. What a green way to take care of the weeds!! I think whats really funny is how loud they are. you can hear them bleating from a mile away!!

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