No One Can Say That My Hair Hasn't Grown To Look Just Like Justin Beiber...

Feb 26, 2011

Hi there everyone!!
How's your weekend going? I hope it was as good as mine. As we always do, Nathan and I went home to visit family in Stockton. And he's actually currently visiting his parents. I stayed back to work on my FAFSA form, and I also filed our Federal Taxes, while that might not be the funnest thing ever, it sure is a weight lifted off my shoulders. Hopefully the FAFSA pays off...literally. Anyways, like I said in a previous post, my little brother is home from southern California, and so he and his super adorable girlfriend (to be featured soon), and Nathan and I went to the flea (market that is). I didn't take any outfit pictures today, my outfit was pretty boring, but here's a little photojournalism of our day:)

Good Lord!!! Who is this little boy?! Is it Justin Beiber? No, It's just me, Rachel Parrish, with undone hair. This is why I don't even wear my hair down. Talk about awkward grow-out period!! This is my "I told you so face".

This is what  must do to look nothing like Justin Beiber. This is also what I look like with not a single bit of make-up on.

Embarking on our journey to Stockton. What a beautiful man he is. I wub my wubby.

I will never learn. But look at monkey/claw hand! What the heck am I saying? Probably , "Hoh, shoot! I didn't do it right!"

Matt and Mandi looking a sweet old typewriter. Dont be fooled by the beautiful sky. It was only 45 degrees out, and windy...

We ran into Matt and Mandi's friends from school. Sam (the guy with the cosby sweater) might be one of the funniest people ever, and he also has a super friendly smile.

Good thing my eyes are closed!! anyways, I played xylophone on Nathan's new EP. When it comes out, you'll have to hear how I brought the metal.

Matt and Nathan talking about things I don't understand. I think I left shortly after to go to Target with my mom.

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  1. aww. I like your Justin Bieber hair. It's really cute! Mine just gets really thick and poofy on the sides... lol

  2. sweet! I like your blog-a-typical-day-in-the-life-of-me idea :) very cute!

  3. Ok so first of all, thank goodness for bobby pins and hair-ties haha jk :P

    B) your husband should grow out his stache :P

    Number 3-I could totally see you saying "Hoh shoot!..." hahaha, so you.

    Twice squared: that typewriter looks pretty sick. how much was it?

    Ad ultimum, what's your hubby's band's name, and where can his albums be found? lol

  4. that hair and that stripey shirt combo makes you look more like a young Julie Andrews than the Beibs


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