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Apr 2, 2012

Hello Everyone!! I hope you're having a good morning, I know it's Monday, but I'm on an all-paid family vacay in Southern California for spring break so everyday is Saturday!! Here are some of the pictures I took from our one day of Disney yesterday. The first two are just pictures from the hotel. This post is seriously photo overload, I realize that, but my camera said I took 153 photos yesterday, so this is seriously just a small portion.

 I couldn't deny this dress. The Bows are too perfect.

 Brothers from Stockton
 What the...

 Hay Lay-DEES!

 So... We may or may not have access to Club 33, the secret club by the Blue Bayou... And we may or may not have had hands down the best food in our entire lives. Lordy... it was so good. Seriously... we may not EVER have this experience again in my whole entire life, so I geeked, and took a ton of pictures to share with you.

 Everything was so beautiful and delicious! It was so crazy fancy and wonderful. I couldn't have possibly imagined anything more perfectly great than our lunch at Club 33. We toasted to the major accomplishments of my brother and I graduating from College, my Parent's 30th wedding anniversary, My other brother's growing music career, and mine and nathan's growth, and Mandy's first year of College. Couldn't have been a better reward. Yes. That cupcake has glitter on it, and it tasted magical.
And then I walked out to this. I'm so glad I had sunglasses on, because maybe I started to tear up... I love Julie Andrews more than any other celeb, and while this isn't actually her, it was still really super wonderful. 
You're never too old to thoroughly indulge in the full magic if Disney.
Nathan and I got engaged at snowhite's wishing well...magic.
Well everyone, thats about it for me today. I hope you enjoyed my pictures, and a sneek peak into the secret world of Club 33. If you've never heard of it, you should look it up, it's like...every crazy Disney Person's Dream. Dreams really do come true at Disney! See you soon!

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