Spring Break: Day 1: Travel Day

Mar 31, 2012

Hello everyone! It's been FOREVER since I last posted, and while I've been really busy, the main reason was because my computer was stolen! As you may have read, my car was broken into! Luckily my camera was not in my computer bag, it was in my purse, and my purse was in my apt, so, I still had that. The computer I'm now using is my Grandma's computer, which I doubt she's ever touched, and it's actually significantly better.

ANYWAYS! It's spring break, and there's no excuse for me not to post!! This is kind of a different kind of post becuase it's mostly about hair. Usually I post about outfits, but today,  I thought I would share with you the results of no-heat curling method that is shorter hair friendly. I have really been wanting to try out the sock-bun-curls, but my ponytail isn't long enough yet, and I came across this method: head band curls!
It's way super easy, and it really worked! You're supposed to wear the headband with your hair wrapped around it over night, but since we were driving from Sacramento to LA, I figured that be enough time.
HAHA! I even tried it on Nathan!! He didn't have it in for very long, but it still started to work!
Here's the video I watched! This girl is brilliant! You should try it!

Well, everyone that's about it for me today. Tomorrow is disney and a really super fun outfit post! So glad to be back in the blogger realm! see you soon!

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