Mar 25, 2012

Hey everyone! In case you were wondering, what the heck happened to Rachel? Why doesn't she post a single thing? Wow, she must be really lazy. The truth is, my car was broken into and my computer was stolen! My insurance doesn't cover it, so It's gone forever. very sad. So, just so you know, I'm gonna get a laptop on loan tomorrow, and I'm waiting on my camera chord to come in the mail, then I'll be up and ready to go. Those silly thieves, they took literally everything I need for school. Even all my textbooks, notes books, and all of my senior recital repertoire. Totally lame. So I've been on major re-gathering mode. Everything is gone. So please be patient, I'm not totally dead, just... trying to recoup all my losses. until i get myself back on my feet, I'll see you then!

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