That last day does not bring extinction to us

Apr 5, 2012

Hello everyone!! Happy Thursday to you. I'm now back in Northern California somehow coping with the fact that I'm not in Disneyland, or Long Beach, or San Diego. What a full and wonderful trip with my super great family! Seriously, couldn't have asked for a more fun vacation. We wandered all over Southern California and laughed, and ate, and back-seat drove (okay, maybe just I did that), and played, and shopped the whole time! It was seriously so great. But every vacation has to end sometime, and you don't want it to last too long, because then you start to hate vacation! sad! Well, here are my last few pictures of my vacation. This is San Diego at the Cabrillo National Monument. Could you imagine a more beautiful day? Nope, me neither.

 Nathan is surveying his empire. Ha.

 HAHAHA! My dress blew-up like a cupcake. Whoopsie! But look at that sweet boat! You could see the NAVY base from the monument. It was really neat! Thanks boys, (and girls!) for your service!
 There was really cute kid exhibit in the visitor's center!
 This was my favorite one.
 HA! Of course my brother had to try on this armor!

 OKAY... This might have been second to Disneyland on this whole trip. We went down to go check-out the tide pools! Have you ever see one? They are amazing! There are sea-creatures in the crevices of the rocks! It was so great! The animals are all very small and shy (duh, they're wild, not in an aquarium), but they are so wonderful and cool! We saw a really beautiful little purple and green crab, but every time I tried to take a picture, it would go back into his little cave.

 here's a little teeny tiny hermit crab!
 Nathan was so cute. He love love love loves sea animals, so he was right in his element. He was looking at the crab.

Oh beautiful San Diego. I was sad to say goodbye to by Brothers and Mandi, and my extended family who live down there, but it gives me an excuse to go down there and visit. It was so super wonderful. Here are a few extra pics from the whole of our trip :)

That's it for me today. Back the the real world. See you soon!

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