It's A Lazy Day For Fashion, But I Still Have A Full Face of Make Up

Mar 6, 2011

Hello everyone. I'm just sitting here at Starbucks before our Choir concert in Fair Oaks. It's a pretty grey/cold day, here in Northern California, so thats sad. But today is still a great day! Our pastor at Sunset Christian Center is such a great communicator. I find myself blessed and ecouraged and even convicted in some way every single week. I love love love love love our new church. It's 21 birthday was today! If you live in the Roseville/Rocklin area and are looking for a church to come to where the people are super friendly, love their members and the community, and where the whole congregation is genuinely seeking to hear the voice of the Lord, Sunset is the place to be. We are in such an exciting time! Man... God is such an exciting God!

Anyways, onto to way less important things. This is what I wore today:
I find that when it's super cold, I find very little motivation to look cute, so the unthinkable comes to fuition: my Ugg boots come out. While I know that there is very little fashion held in these cankle induncing shoes, I noly have one think on my mind: be warm. I didn't wear my Uggs to church (not that I haven't before), but i was really cold, so I just had to put them on. This sweater was one of my thrift store finds. It's super loud, but the colors are perfect for this time of year, because I can wear fun bright colors even though it's really cold. The funnt thing about this sweater though is that it smells like grandma perfume, even after washing. Whatever, that won't stop me from loving it.

Sweater: Thrifted, Dress: Thrifted, Leggings: AA Winter Leggings, Boots: Ugg Australia
 I KNOW they're not the hottest, but they are seriously my warmest and most cozy shoes. This is how I survive winter! I hate being cold. hate hate hate it, and these help me weather the storms.
 Isn't this little teapot/cup combo great?! It's so cute! I bought this little guy last year, and it serves me so perfectly! Teapot holds just enough water for one cup of tea, which is all I really need.
 I love my Cocoa Chai.
 So Today is a rare day for me, in that I have full face of make up on. It's for choir, so don't get too crazy. And, It's not that I don't like wearing make-up, nothing is girlier (I dont know if thats even a word), but I dont have the time or energy to really go for it every single day. But it's a little bit different for Choir. Most churches have pretty bright lights, so a little something extra is key.
Makeup (Clockwise): CG Cheekers in Plum: Maybeline Liquid Eyeliner in black, Freshminerals Finishing Powder, Cover Girl Clean Liquid Foundation, Maybeline Matte Mouse Concealer, Ecotools powder brush, and eyeshadow brush, E.L.F foundation brush, Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara, E.L.F eyeliner brush. Bare Minerals Eyeshadows: (bottom to top) Drama, Heart, and Queen Phyllis

 Ironically when I put the camera on the self-timer, the face detecting feature didn't detect my face, but the face on nathan's painting in the background! haha.

You'll see, that I look VERY different with and without make up. Neither one are bad, I really dont think I look super terrible without make-up albeit paler than a ghost, and super shiny...

I also found out that my brother Chris' celeb crush is Zoey Deschanel. This makes me so happy, If I coudl pick out any celeb to be my best friend, it would be her. SO, if you are constantly being told that you look like her, and you love the Lord, and you are super funny, and you live in the San Diego area, and you're interested in dating a super funny guy, who loves the Lord, who is smarter than einstein and creates really amazing artwork, well... then it could be a love connection! Sorry Chris, you know I have to help a brother out. (Literally! haha) good grief.

Well you guys, thats it for me today. I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it. Fashion is such a fun thing:) Have a wonderful day! I am. See you soon.

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  1. I'm loving your teapot/cup- it's adorable. Whomever invented this is a genius :)

    ~MANDY @ The Bejeweled Babe


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