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Mar 14, 2011

Hi Everyone! Who else it totally thrown off by this daylight savings thing? I was on time to everything I needed to be at yesterday, but it's today that I'm totally messed up!! Silly me. But let me just say this: I am so happy for the longer sunshine in my life. I am definitely ready for this change :)

I've decided that for today, that because I'm sick and gross, instead of outfit pics, and I'm gonna tell you all about my most favorite blogs. These women and their blogs totally inspire me in my own blogging, and I hope you all take a look at them for yourselves. Such beautiful photography, and such great great great looks.
the first blog, which is my most favoritist blog of all time: Fancy Treehouse
I make sure to stop by this blog everyday. I'm always excited to see what's going on on this page. I'm sure when you get a load of it, you will be too.


And then of course, for my vintage fix, Calivintage
I'm super partial to bloggers from CA. I love living here, and so seeing this girls super great blog from the Bay Area makes me so happy. This is her personal blog, but if you're a ModCloth blog reader, then you might recognize her.


And thirdly, Flashes of Style
This girl couldn't be any cuter. She does a great job of mixing newer items with vintage items, and the stuff she wears isn't out reach as far as being solely designer.
so Check out these blogs. I hoep you're as inspired as I am. I'll be sure to post more:)
Nathan's and my weekend was so crazy! I've never felt so go go go ever. I'm still sick, so maybe thats why I feel so worn out from it. Our church up here, Sunset Christian Center, has a really great youth program, and Nathan and I are super priveleged to be getting involved and ministering to the youth in our community. ANYWAYS, the youth group puts on this huge huge huge event called PHAT night, and it was sooooo fun! It was so crazy! Over 150 kids came to the Lord last night, and I got to pray with a group of girls who were just open and ready to begin a new life with God, it was so great! I really miss my old Job in Stockton, and so praying and talking with those girls really made me feel right at home. I'm even more stoked to be a part of UYC now, than ever:)  Here's a few pics of the night.

We stopped at Starbucks first to get a little caffein in our systems before the big night. SB is having their 40th anniversary promo right now, so they have all sorts of yummy treats. However, the cocoa cuppacino...not one of them. Thats okay, It had caffein, and thats all I needed.

trying to squeeze in a little homework time.

The sasquatch dance-off. It was pretty crazy actually. Who thinks of a sasquatch dance-off?! Only United Youth Culture.
The super great youth staff:) Look how many students there were! It was so great! They all heard the Gospel! Isn't that wonderful?!?!
A Portion of the band for worship. It was so metal, everyone was way into it. I couldn't believe how loud those kids were.

Well thats about it for me today. Now off to chip away at the huge mound of homework I have to do :) I hope you're adjusting to this time change better than I am, see you soon!


  1. Great read! I was also thrown off on Sunday, but enjoy the longer nights of sunshine!


  2. great choice of blogs. The gig photo's look cool.




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