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Mar 12, 2011

Hello Everyone! Are you enjoying this beautiful weather? I hope you are. As always, I'm obsessed with it. Are you watching all of the horrible news about Japan? I honestly can't possibly imagine what those folks must be going through. We need to be praying for the country of Japan, and the people who have lost loved ones, or even worse, have people missing still.  One of my really good friends' brother and sister in-law live over there, and she's 8 months pregnant! Praise the Lord, they are safe and sound, and the baby is safe too:)

In other, not nearly as important, news as we usualy do on Saturdays, we are in Stockton. Nathan is tattooing his sister. I'm sure if you are friends with him on Facebook you will see it up soon. He is such a talented guy... I'm pretty lucky :) Also, as I usually do, I went thrift store shopping with my mom, and my dad came along! He didn't find anything, but we did run into my Aunt Anita who is a thrift-aholic. I guess it must be a family thing. I found a few things as I commonly do.

This is what I decided to wear today. I love love love this skirt. It's long and loose and comfy, while still being totally cute. I think it's the polka dots. Who doesn't love a good red and white polka dot skirt? How Minnie Mouse of me:)

Trench: H&M from Crossroads, Top:Gap from Freestyle, Skirt: Thrifted, Sandals: MIA from Freestyle
These sandals have quickly become my new favorite. They are comfy and they match everything! I'll have these forever. Also, I apologize for the lack of pedicure I'm clearly sporting. I'm hoping to get on that soon enough :)
And of course, I always have to include my little buddy Chico being a snoop doggy dog. He thinks he's a wilderness dog or something. Silly Chico. My brother calls him Chancho, like from Nacho Libre, but I dont think it fits as well as Chico. Sorry Matt.
Well guys, This is Rachel Parrish signing off. I desperately gotta get going on some homework here. I've been putting it off for far far far too long. No more dilly dallying here. Anyways! Enjoy/Take Advantage of this glorious weather!! See you soon.

Oh yeah, and check out this picture of my BFF Erin. Isn't she the cutest? I can't get enough. Gosh.

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