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Mar 5, 2011

Hi Everyone! I hope your Saturday is going great. Mine's going awesome. It's probably no sruprise that Nathan and I are in Stockton for the weekend. Nathan had a tattoo appointment, so we're here. I love visiting Stockon because I haven't found a single thrift store in our area that's better than the ones here. The only store I'm really actually into in Sacramento is Freestyle. No one really cares about vintage or thrifted stuff in Stockton, so I always find really great stuff.

Anways, yesterday there was a really clear view of the beautiful mountains, so I tried to take a pictrue of them. See that little white ridge? Thats them. They were awesome. Also, isn't this a great view of the town of Rocklin from WJU? Sometimes you can hear kids playing on the play ground at the park, it's great!
Also, We had a few friends over, to help Nathan record his new EP. These two fellows are TJ and Taylor, Kevin was there also, but he's very camera shy. It was a fun time of pizza, recording, comiserating about ear-training. It's always fun trying to fit people into our tiny appartment :)

 On our way to Stockton this morning. Thats a McDonald's Frappe... Our on-the-road treat. I only drink them when I'm in the car with Nathan.

So, this is what I decided to wear today. I thought I would do my hair a little different. It's finally starting to grow into girl hair! I'm really excited. I can't wait for it to be long. All I want in the world of beauty is long hair! This jacket is super light, so it's perfect for this slightly chilly weather. I also really love the color of this top. It's so pretty and frilly. So girly, I love it.
Jacket: Simply Vera by Vera Wang, Top: F21, Jeans: Express, Sandals: Saltwater, Belt: Vintage (I bought everything at Freestyle)

 Oh Saltwaters. They are so fun! They remind me of being a little girl. When I wear them, it makes me want to go to the beach or something. They're so springy!!
I look really serious here... But I think I was just concentrating on making sure the camera didn't fall out of the tree I was balancing it on.

My little buddy Chico. He wandered home with my mom and our dog Oscar. He was so cute and friendly, we tried everything to find his owner, but no one came forward, so we kept him. He's the best. I honestly think no one loves him as much as I do.

This little grey buddy is Oscar. I've never met a sweeter dog. He is seriously the best. I adore him. He also doesn't shed! Which is very nice.

Well everyone, thats about it for me today. I'm gonna go eat Chinese with my parents. You all enjoy this beautiful day. I hope you take advantage of the weather and do something fun outside. See you soon!!

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