Sunny Days, Sweeping The Clouds Away

Mar 30, 2011

Hello Everyone!! I have to say, I didn't intend on blogging today. I have so much work, but I'm determined to make this the most quickly posted blog entry in the world. There's gonna be've been warned. I woke up this morning really early, so I picked out my outfits for the next two days, last night. I know crazy.

If you couldn't tell by my last blog entry, I was feeling a little bit defeated by my amount of homework, I'm chipping away at it, so the pile is slowly but surely getting smaller. I think I might have had a mini-mental breakdown (is that what you call running out choir crying?). I don't know, but after being comforted by super super super great and caring friend Rachel (whose boyfriend's name is NATHAN!) my tears were dried and I went back to choir. I hate streed/overtired Rachel (Parrish). I want to be my old self!  8 more days. I can make it 8 more days!

ANYWAYS!! That was yesterday, and the Lord says in Lamentations 3:22-23  22 Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. 23 His mercies are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. How great of a word is that! We are not consumed!! His mercies are new EVERY morning! I dont know about you, maybe you're not into this whole bible stuff, and thats cool, but really. Just give it a second... everyday we get to start over. Man, thats so good.

This is what I decided to wear today. This outfit is an explosion of spring celebration I think. More than once I heard that I looked like I was wearing a Kimono, and I couldn't help but agree and feel complimented:) This dress is the most comfortable thing in the whole world. I really do wish however that it had straps because it's easy to step on the front and give everyone a show...whoopsie!! My mom found my little kimono at the thrift store: she said "He Rach isn't this pretty?" and I said... "throw it in {the basket}". Mom for the win.

 I took my pictures at Jessup today because it was an impromptu photo sesh. Look how beautiful the sky is!! Look at the beautiful scenery of Rocklin CA! Man...
 I feel like in this picture I look a little bit squished, oh well.
Jessup has a cross country track where people often take walks, and I ran into my choir buddy Jessica and her BF! Aren't they sooooo cute. You should see them on campus. They totally match. They are both the nicest people. Jessup is filled with great people!

 Starbuck Trip #1 Courtesy of forementioned wonderful friend Rachel
Starbucks Trip #2 courtesy of my debit card
Look at my crazy pirate eye, and dissheveled hair!!!! My eye is suuuper puffy because I'm so tired (8 more days!). When I woke up this morning I coudl hardly even open it! HAHAHA!! I looked like PopEye!! I still kind of do a little bit!!

AND don't let me forget this little nugget of coolness! My Christian Theology buddy Zatch (not to be confused with Zack) stacked this rocks after class! I dont know, maybe you're not impressed, but.... are you blind! I  could never do that! That takes some serious skill! I've tried to convince Zatch to become a music no avail. Look how impressed I look in that picture!! thats not fake everyone, that is my true and real impressed face!

Well everyone! That is it for me today. I really have to go. Remember! We are not consumed! The Lord is stronger than our biggest challenges! We have the power of the Holy Spirit in us!! Man... everyone, as I texted my bff Erin, be empowered!! It's the most beautiful day! Go on a bike-ride and comment/tell me all about it so that I can live vicariously through you while I do my homework. See you soon!!

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  1. so totally cool rach!
    i really dig your blog.

    dan miles


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