They don't stall, they don't do their homework in front of the TV.

Mar 29, 2011

Hello everyone! Do you know that awful feeling of having way too much to do and not nearly enough time? Thats me this week...and last week, and likely to be next week as well. So I'm just giving you all fair warning, that my blog won't be updated as routinely as it has been. All my teachers are trying to get all our work in and graded and back to us by Spring Break, so needless to say, the homework has piled super high. So instead of waking up early to take pictures of my blog, I'm waking up super early to do homework!

So, here's what I wore today. I'm at Starbucks as you can see. This pictrue is AWFUL! it's because I'm front of the huge window... but if you could see my outfit, you would see that I look like a really dutiful housewife. I love this wool skirt (I wore it for St. Patricks Day). It's warm without being wintery. And this denim shirt has the same function. Warm, not wintery. But can you please observe whats WAYYYY more beautiful than any outfit I could ever put together, this goreous weather?! THANK YOU Lord for bringing out your beautiful sun (and Son!!). I love love love love... infinity time love this weather (I think extreme-ness of this blog is my white mocha talking).
 Look at those bags under my eyes! Or just look at the expression on my face. I was trying my very hardest to eek out a smile. I don't have the energy. But look at my miniscule little will do the trick!
Sorry for the low quality of this picture, but this is my favorite part of my outfit today. I had my eye on these shoes from Freestyle, and my husband knew, so one day while we were shopping, he bought them for me behind my back and surpised me when walked out!! What a wonderful wubby:) He's seriously so great. It's safe to say that these little beauties are gonna be worn to point being flats.
 Speaking of looking like a housewife (which I proudly am), I made my Wubby his favorite: Red Velvet Cupakes. I've made them from scratch before, but not this time, thanks mr. Duncan Heins! Nathan frosted them for me. I wish I would have taken a picture of him doing that. I was enmeshed with my MacGammut Eartraining software. Ouchie.

  I think the best thing about being a Jessup Student is being friends with other Jessup students! My friend Steve came and sat down at my table in the Library and brought these little gems with him, and he gave me one!! Orange cranberry mini-scone! No home-made, but still way better than Starbucks (but don't tell them I said that).
Well Everyone! Thats all the time I can afford, so thats it for me! If your in the midst of homework craziness like me, speak life into your task! You can do it! I can do it! Seriously, there's only like...6 weeks left of school, and that includes a week long break (which I'll be taking San Diego, Hooray!). Then summer!! The Lord is gonna see me through! Speaking a C into my math class! I am one of them (a student)  and so are you! So Lets just praise the Lord! Right Arm, Left Arm... see you soon!


  1. I wish the shoes showed up better in the picture because they were really cute in person! I LOVE this outfit..and you still remind me of the gorgeous lady in the Sound of Music...and you're just as talented too. ...hey...I bet she didn't have as cute of shoes as you did today! :) Just a thought! toddles~ xoxox Brittany

  2. Ok. Here's a thought. First, have you found Deliah Creates yet? Fashion/DIY blog. I am in love with it. And I've been a devoted "follower" now for year? I don't know. She's bookmarked. lets just say that. I would love to do a craft day with you, and tag team blog about it! :) wattttt do you think!? Here's my inspiration blog:


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