Even The Most Diligent Take Sick Days

Mar 8, 2011

Hello everyone. What a beautiful day it is, right?! Man... I hate being sick. I'm one of those go go go people, so being sick just doest fit into my schedule. Ha. That's probably the lesson I should be learning every single semester, it's probably my body saying to me "Slow down you crazy woman! you need rest" and I say this "Nonsense!! I got things to do, people to see!!" When will I ever learn? Probably never.

This is what I decided to wear today: Comfort was the number one goal. It's hard to find motivation/energy to look super cute when you're health is down in the dumps. I got this shirt at Buffalo on mine and Nathan's trip to Berkeley. I probably shouldn't have gone, but Nathan and I haven't had the oppertunity to go on a day trip since...I honestly don't remember. Anyways. This shirt is so flowy and beautious, It's my new favorite, and it's long enough! Us long torso-ed girls...what a hard life!
Top: Buffalo Exchange, Jeans: Express from Freestyle

Shoes: Vintage from Freestyle
Being sick means you don't wear make up.
Since it was pretty cold this morning, I wore my sweater over. It cleared up, and now I dont need it.
Here are some pictures of our Berkeley trip, I didn't take too many, but here's a few.
Seriously though, isn't my husband so good looking?
We went to this little japanese store, which is now my new favorite stop on Telegraph, probably even more than buffalo. BUT, look at this funny thing that we found, Mens PANTIES!! HAHAHA. Oh maybe I should be more grown-up about this, but Nathan was clearly upset by it.
I didn't buy the panties, but I did buy some stationary stuff. How come Japanese stuff is so cute?! It's so so so so cute! I could have spent all the money I made at Buffalo at this store. Everything was so cute. PS. Check out the direct translation of this card that I got? Pretty great stuff. I know exactly who this card is going to. I'm excited. The bear card is a birthday card. It's not translated at all, but the sticker said "Happy Birthday Card, Press a button to get a song". The button is broken.
Well everyone. Be rested! Don't let your body get over worked! I wish you are all happy in your life. See you soon!

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