O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind?

Mar 19, 2011

Greetings from Stockton everyone! I'm sure you've all been made perfectly aware of the fact that Stockton CA has been named America's most Miserable Town. I have to say, that is very inaccurate. Until recently I lived my whole entire in life in Stockton, and I must tell you, I am a very happy person. I'm also happy to be from Stockton. Granted there is a lot of need, and the school system is in the toilet (along with the rest of the state of CA), and there are no jobs, but the efforts being made by people to help others are awesome. The Lord is truly working in the city of Stockton, and I know that there are much more miserable places to live... like... Galt, or Rio Linda! haha. No offense Galt and Rio Linda.

Anyways, I finally went out and bought a Tripod! I have been propping up my camera against books and candles and stuff this whole time. Very inconvient, and very time consuming. It took forever because the camera would constantly fall down and I'd have to try something else... it was silly. So I ran out to Target and picked up a tripod.

SO... in the spirit of my Tripod. Here is what I wore today:) I've worn this sweater on this blog before, it's very unique, so I have to wear it sparingly, even thought it really is one of my favorite articles of clothing. This picture is taken out in my dad's workshop in front my Grandma's (who lives with my parents) sewing stuff. She's pretty crafty. I also did not make the same mistake I made yesterday by wearing sandals. I made sure I had warmershoes on today.

Sweater: Sleeping on Snow from Freestyle, Top: Ann Taylor from Freestyle, Skirt: AA, Tights: DKNY, Boots: Vintage Justin
 It was extremely windy out, so pictures outside were pretty much a no go. I dont mind rain so much, umbrellas can be really great acessories, but wind? there's nothing you can do with the wind
 This blouse is one of my favorite tops that I own. The ruffles are just perfect. I feel like when I wear really ruffley things the bigness of the ruffles make my head to look too small, so I usually I try to stay away from big ruffles. But these are dramatic, and still small. It's the pleatedness that does it for me.

 Look at my little buddy Oscar, he is so precious. I was eating a bowl of popcorn, so it wasn't looking at the camera, he was looking at the popcorn. He's a cock-a-poo which means, since he's part Poodle, he doesn't shed! He and Chico are the bestest of friends.
 This ring is the best! Nothing says "I'm ready for the sun to come out" like a little deer walking through flowers!
The paintings in the background are paintings that my husband did for my parents. Aren't they beautiful? I'm so proud of my wubby. He's such a talented guy. Nathan  has two tattoo appointments today, so we'll be here in Stockton all weekend. ALSO this: I may start working in Stockton on Saturdays at Campbell's in the Village at Lincoln Center... This makes me very excited, I worked there a long time ago, and I am more than happy to work there again. The Managers and the co-workers there are great, so I'm glad to go back. So, Hopefully that works out, what a great thing that would be.

Well, thats about it for me, the time has come for me to go to the thrift store with my mom. Stay warm and snuggle with someone you love.  Harry Potter is on ABC Family so you'll have something to watch!! See you soon


  1. Your deer ring is beyond cute! I love how it works perfectly with the lavender skirt and ruffle blouse! So glad I found you through IFB (I wouldn't have been able to do it with out ya!)

    - Caitlin

  2. Girl, my motto is wear those unique loved pieces to death. There's no point in owning clothes that you can't wear as often as you would like. Plus that sweater is amazing, so it deserves more love for sure.


  3. I Love that ring... and your hair =)



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