I Walk Slowly, But I Never Walk Backward

Mar 10, 2011

Good Morning beautiful people of the internet!!  The quote I used to title my blog this morning is from Abraham Lincoln. Man. I love Abraham Lincoln! He is truly a great American. He brought freedom for thousands and thousands of people, and navigated our country through it's ugliest war, as it emerged at the end unified once more. Man... Abraham Lincoln. So great. I love America!

 Today is a nervousy day: math test!! Once I'm done with this class, I'll be done with math forever!! So I'm excited about taking it and getting it done. Im actually doing better than I thought. Who knew that square roots would save my grade? Those silly square roots. Anyways! Besides my math test, today is gonna be great. I invested in some Vitamin C Halls that taste like candy so that I can survive choir, there's gonna be a meeting about worship leading at school, and then I'm gonna go home to my wubby and make him a yummy dinner. Then I'm gonna do homework... oh ear training.

This is what I decided to wear today: I was sunny and beautiful when I woke up this morning, but things have changed since, I changed too, thinking that it would be a beautiful day. Now I'm totally inappropriately dressed (I mean, I changed into sandals instead of boots. It's not like I decided to wear a one-peice bathing suit)

Cardigan: F21 from AGES ago, Dress: Frenchi, Boots: Nine West (Dress and boots from freestyle).

They really are great boots, but I felt like it they were too heavy for the out fit. So I put on my black sandals.
As always, I threw on this huge black sweater which has quickly become my new favorite thing in the whole wide world. It was a great find.

Shoes: Cooperative (from freestyle)

I got this necklace a really super long time ago from Crossroads (during the EK years). It has remained one of my favorites all this time. It can be fancy or casual, because its sparkly!
This was my sick day yester day. All of these books saw a lot of use. Especially my Algebra book. They're kind of pretty in this picture with all of the colors.
I did however find comic relief when I accidentally opened my book from the back. Look what was written!! Silly people...
And of course my daily trip to starbucks. I wish those little sandwich things were less expensive, they sure are small, but they are very yummy:)
Well I still have a bajillion things to do today as, being a grown-up, a grown-up's work is never done. Anyways, I hope you have such a great day. Don't change your boots and put on sandals instead. Unfortunately it's not that kind of day... shucks. See you soon!


  1. I'm always so jealous of the fact that no matter what you wear you are just sooooo freaking ADORABLE!! You always have a way of putting things together and just making it work and I love it! Miss you!

    Liz M :)

  2. And the whole point of me commenting was to let you know that this is my favorite dress ever! I forgot to mention that in my last comment lol


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