Nathan is Tattooing His Sister

Mar 26, 2011

My husband is tattooing his sister, and my nephew and I are watching "Underdog". Not the best film, I have to admit, and I think Dyl would agree. So while I'm wating for him to finish up, I thought I'd go through Polyvore and look for the shoes on my most desired list. They're all platforms, because I don't really like real heels. I feel like a giant when I wear them. Some of these are even pretty affordable! It's too loud in the house to do ear training, so, this is what I have to do...shucks.
Forever21 dressy shoes
$28 -

Swedish Hasbeens peep toe shoes
145 GBP -

Vena Cava mary jane platform shoes
$340 -

Cooperative platform shoes
$59 -

Platform pumps

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  1. Great post. Too funny. I just did a post on platforms. You should check it out.

    Found you on IFB and now following you via bloglovin.

    You know what I say?, shop, shop


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