Broadway is a tough, tough arena for singing

Mar 4, 2011

Oh World, hello again! I hope you guys are all doing great. I'm actually kind of having and off day. I dont know why, maybe lack of sleep, but mostly because of lack of motivation. I wish I knew why. I have no reason to be un-motivated. Is that even a word? I dont know.

The Title of my blog is a quote from Julie Andrews (my hero). We're doing broadway in the WJU choir for our big spring fundraise. I'm not a very good braodway singer, but I'm working on. If Julie Andrews (My hero) thinks its hard, then it's hard! But I LOVE musical theatre, so I'm really excited about it!!

BUT ENOUGHT ABOUT THAT STUFF!!! Onto more important things!! This is what I decided to wear today. I bought this poncho in December with my birthday money, and I never had anything to wear with it, or I never made the effort to really find anything. Anyways, It has buttons but I dont button it, I'd rather it fall kind of like a fuller range of  motion, which is always good.

Poncho: Vintage from Etsy (I forgot which store), Sweater: thrifted, Undertank; Thrifted, Jeans: Gap from Freestyle, Shoe: UO, Headband: Anthro
 I took pictures around 7:00 this morning, It was so beautiful and crisp, no weird neighbors out, it was so nice!
I'm really in love with the wide collar on this poncho it's so soft and cozy. It's like wearing a blanket that is socially acceptable in public. I can't believe I never wore it until now! The fringe isn't so bad either:)
I really am in love this little headband. I bought it when I was applying to work at Anthro. I wanted to look really interested. I think it worked because I was offered a position... unfortunately I turned it down for a job that was way lame.

Also, While at school my friend and co-music major pal, Nick Orton was was kind generous to let Alyssa and I to have come of the glory that was his fancy Peet's Coffee. I forget what kind it was, but it was strong, and delious.

Look at the beauty that is the french press. Oh, coffee snobs...

I just wanted a tiny little boost, so Nick poured mine into a cappuccino cup. It was so cute and little. So I documented it. It was a perfect tiny little cup of coffee. The cup had a little chip in it, and it reminds me of Chip from Beauty and the Beast.

Well people of blogworld, thats about it for me today. Take in this glorious weather, I'm gonna go visit my wonderful man of a husband, Nathan. at Freestyle. Get my drink (of chai) on, Get my shop on... Until tomorrow everyone!

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  1. Told you I read your blog Rachel! It's all about CLOTHES though! ~ TR


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