I am Patrick, a sinner, most uncultivated and least of all the faithful.

Mar 17, 2011

Hello everyone!! So this is definitely the best St. Patrick's Day ever. It's gorgeous and sunny, and my math class was cancelled again! So today I have no classes!! So thats a nice little freebie day off, and trust me, I need it. No matter that I drove 20 minutes to school to find this little tid bit of info, I now have time to work on my blog at Starbucks, which is my favorite place to work on it. Anyways, the title of my blog is a quote from the actual St Patrick himself. What a beautiful quote of Humility. How sad that we would be more apt to think about green beer and leprechauns than the actual man who was, St Patrick. I think we could all use a little more of his wisdom in our lives.

I also went to Freestyle this morning to sell. As always I made a killing, but not only that, but they have a trove of old Dooneys! What an exercise in restraint not to just buy them all up. I only got one, even though I wanted all of them. I switched bags as soon as I got in the car. It's so beautiful. Pictures of it tomorrow.

This is what I decided to wear today. It's St. Patrick's day, so of course I wore green! Partly because I love festivity, and partly because there's always that one guy that dosesn't get that you don't pinch the married girls! I made Nathan wear green so none of those weird ladies that love him at Freestyle have their way with him! haha.
 I realize these little brown shoes are becoming a crutch, but I just like them too much, and they go with everything. I was my "see ya, don't wanna be ya" purchase when I left Urban Outfitters. Also, this is the first day since, who knows when, I've not worn a pony tail! I love love love gettin all done up at the salon, so growing my hair out is a long and painful process for me. But I think when I ready, since I'm always in Stockton, I'll just go to my girl Megan. She's so wonderfully friendly, and she does such a great job on every single client she has. All my friends from home go to her also.
Jacket: F21, Top: Old Navy, Belt: Vintage, Skirt: Vintage, Shoes: UO
Words cannot express how excited I am that those super tight and clingy looks are on their way out, and that loose, flowy, and girly are in!!

 even thought it is beautiful out, this striped shirt is sleevless, and it's still a little too chilly for tank tops. So I threw on this pleather jacket. My mom got it for me for Christmas. She's a super good gift giver, it's probably because she's very thoughtful and loving as a person in general. She's the best...seriously.
Also this just in. For those of you who know who Karen is, she's our accompanist/ piano superwoman. She told me that she's starting to get hooked on my blog. Now... as woman who serves the Lord, Karen is someone I truly strive to be like, she is my definition of woman power, but on top of that, she's super fabulous, like there's never an off-day outfit with Karen, she's just Level 5 all the way. In fact I have been meaning to feature her on here forever. So....was I complimented by Karen reading my blog? Is one the hand better than two in the bush? that joke was for my brother, Chris.

Okay, well, I guess thats it for me today, I hope you all have a wonderful St. Particks day. If your looking for some new music, I highly suggest the song "Freedom" by Run Kid Run. It'll turn your bad day, good, and it'll turn your good day, great. Enjoy this beautiful weather. I'll see you soon!


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