I Rode Here On The Wings Of Eagles

Mar 3, 2011

Hello Everyone. So seriously, can you please tell me what is up with this stupid weather? I mean, it's great today, but it's seriously sunny one day, rainy the next, sunny the next! Oh well, I wont argue, I'll take sunny weather whenever I can get it.

Today was a pretty full day of work. Woke up early to get math homework done, and I've pretty much been working my tail off eversince! In fact when I get done with this blog, I'm going back to school to call prospective students to talk to them about the music department at WJU. I'm looking forward to it actually. I love doing WJU stuff.

Anyways, this is what I decided to wear today. It was sunny so I decided to forego the tights again. Annoyingly enough, everyone at school said that I looked like catholic school girl... that was not my aim. In fact when I was looking at these pictures, I thought it looked more like Alice in Wonderland. Whatevs, make up your own mind and let me know what you think.

Sweater: Super Trashy from Freestyle, Dress: Zara from Freestyle, Socks: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Urban Outfitters from Freestyle

The windy-ness of the morning made my skirt blow up a little bit... but nothing inappropriate...no Marilyn moments, as all my weird Apartment neighbors stare down at the weird hipster girl taking pictures of herseld.
The ruffle of this dress is what appeals to me most. I adore girly ruffly stuff.

I could help to squeal with delight when I saw the pug on this cardigan. We all know how much I love my little baby Maylene.
 I also had the treat to go to Shady Coffee and Tea in Roseville and visit my dearest dearest friend, Erin!! This is the drink that I ordered. It's just hot chocolate, but good grief, look how beautiful this is! You almost don't want to drink it. But it was truly delicious.

Here we are! I told Erin to be cool during the self-timer. She's new...
But let's get serious here. Look how great erin's outfit is. I have a mild obsession with over-the-knee socks at the moment. I feel the need to wear them with everything. But Erin is wearing them great. She also informed me that her GREAT Frye booties were a random girlf from her HAIRDRESSER?! I now have her number...

We thought we would be cute and stand on this person's property to take a picture, and there was super growly/scary dog!! Whoops. No Tresspassing I guess!!

Well, all you glorious people, Thats about it for me today. Take the opportunity to enjoy the sunny weather while you can, and wear your over the knee socks without tights while it's kinda warm!! See you soon!! 

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