The March winds are the morning yawn

Mar 16, 2011

Good morning everyone! I'm having such a great day today. For one, my math class was cancelled yesterday. Praise the Lord. My homework was super hard, so I could use some extra time. Two, my voice is slowly but surely coming back, which is nice, being a music major with a Vocal Emphasis.
Also, my friend Nicole pointed out that I wore a skirt similar to this one a few days ago, and she was correct. So, sorry about my recent obsession with polka-dotted skirts. I guess thats just the innermost levels of my heart communicating how badly I want to go to Disneyland.

So, This is what I decided to wear yesterday. My outfit today is super boring. I have a really crazy mid-term so instead of concentrating on looking cute, I decided to concentrate on Christian Theology (you know, light topic of discussion). But this outfit is justifiably Minnie Mouse meets America. I can't wait for it to be warm so I dont have to wear stockings anymore, and I can wear sandals. Part of me has this thought that if I wear warm clothes anyway, the spring will come sooner. Thats not true, but pneunmonia will! Not worth it.
Cardigan: Vintage, Lace Top: Thrifted, Skirt: Thrifted, Stockings: Spanx, Shoes: Vans
I stopped by Safeway on the way home to pick some yummies for dinner,I thought I'd be more domestic so I made Chicken Parmesan. It was yum! I forgot to take a picture of it, but I also made my wubby some chocolate chip muffins. They really were quite delish. I probably should have been studying, but I needed a break, and being wifely is fun :)

This is the car I parked by at Safeway! Isn't it great?I'm not by means a car person, but I have a thing for Volvos. I just think they are so nerdy/cool.

I wasn't bluffin about my muffins (sorry! I just had to) I know. how inappropriate!!

look at my stacking ability! and also look as how much my husband is enjoying the Office right now. He is so cute.
 Here's my outfit for today. How boring can you be right?! Gosh. But to not be too negative, wow is it comfy. Big giant sweater, big giant jacket, super stretchy jeans? So comfy.
Jacket: H&M from Crossroads, Sweater:Express from Freestyle, Tank: Splendid, Shoes: UO, Headband: F21, Necklace: vintage

 This is the face of someone who is bored with their own outfit.

my daily routine. Homework at Starbucks. I really like the new cups/sleeves! They're really cool looking I think.
well everyone, thats it for me today. I'm so glad it's no longer raining, I'm so glad my test is over, I'm so glad my homework is done. I'm so glad that I'm gonna go sell at freestyle today. I have so much to be happy about. the Lord is so good! Thats not sarcastic, I'm serious. Anyways, anyone who's having a rough day should list 3 things they're happy about this day, and concentrate on those things:) Until tomorrow... see you soon.

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  1. Hey you mentioned me lol. thnx. btw I really did like your outfit that day. the lacey top was sooo pretty! and today, you just looked amazing. the flower, the color of your top, the big jacket, the shoes... I LOVED it all!


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