If I want to wear a dress, I'll wear a dress

Mar 28, 2011

Good morning everyone! Back to blogging away with vigor! I'm so glad to be back on here and doing my thing. I know it wasn't a super long time, but still, I missed it. I still have a ton of homework this week, but I have more peace of mind about it. I've discovered the art of the to-do list. My poor husband had to deal with my extreme anxiety all week long. He's a very patient man. My weekend was super fun. As I always do, I went to the thrift store with my mom. I forgot my debit card (I honestly forgot it!), and so my mom foot the bill (which was probably a grand total of $15). I found the best stuff! Just wait a few days, you shall see the glory for yourself:)

This is what I decided to wear today: The sun was shining nice and bright, and all I heard was about the 70+ weather, so I decided to wear a dress. I so love wearing dresses, they just make me feel so great! I love being a girl, and being girly. This dress is from Superior Thrift in Stockton, It's really full and flowy, and shapeless, so it's absolutely critical (yes, it's ciritical) that I wear a belt. I think it was handmade a long time ago, but that adds to it's charm!!

 These little guys were one of my finds over the weekend. I'm so glad to not be wearing heavy shoes today! I LOVE LOVE LOVE a great boot, but my little toes are begging for freedom!

 Sunday we had a Choir concert in Rancho Cordova, it was super fun. I love Choir concerts. Even though the ministry is really for the people in the audience, I'm always ministered to by our group, our conductor, my friends, the music, it's just an all around great thing to be a part of. I often thing about what my life would be like if God hadn't brought me back to Jessup... and then I stop thinking about it, because I would be missing out on so much!

Anyways, this picture is me looking like a crazy-cat-lady. This glorious sweater is soooo cute...when I'm not wearing my Choir dress with it. Our choir dresses are actually very attractive as far as Choir dresses go, but not with this gian sweater. The combo of the two with my little tiny bag...not cute. AND to top it off my eyes are closed! hahaha. Anyways, the outfit that I had on before I changed totally worked with the sweater, but at this moment in time... not so much.
ANYWAYS!! Thats about it for me today. I hope this sun plans on coming back out...I dressed for warm weather... I'm so tired of this happening to me! Perfect timing for me to end this post, there is a VERY loud "study" group in the commons coming in right now that I can't wait to walk away from. Have a great day everyone, pray for sunshine!! See you soon!


  1. i love the new shoes! i've been searching for cute new flats as well. i think my feet are getting sick of boots, too ;)
    and i love that you posted the last photo of yourself! that sweater IS adorable...even if it makes you look like a crazy cat lady with your choir dress on ;) hehe...nah, it's cute!

  2. I love those shoes, your rings, and that little mini bag in the last pictures. your outfits are great.



  3. So jealous of the bare legs. It is nowhere near leg baring weather in the Mitten. In fact, it was downright frigid over the weekend. But this week's forecast promises to slowly climb the temperature ladder. Thank the Good Lord for that because I am BEYOND ready!



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