Yo Adrian, I did it

Jan 21, 2012

Happy Saturday everyone! It’s been quite a week for me! Back to school, and craziness abounding. I still have so much to do it’s sick, but that’s okay. I like being busy actually! I love being productive. I shipped off a few orders from my Etsy shop, and turned in my rented movie (wow… redbox gets expensive when life gets busy!), and last and most importantly… I have booked my Senior Recital. that’s right everyone. Everything I have to show my musical career as a music Student at William Jessup University will come to pass on May 5th in the William Jessup University Lecture Hall at 7:30pm. Wow… I really can’t wait.  It’s kind of ironic thinking that I have more time to plan this recital than I did to plan my own wedding! Haha.

Anyways, This is what I decided to wear today. The weather has taken a turn for the cold and windy. I mean… it is winter, so I guess that nice warm weather wasn’t going to last forever! Also... doesn't this look like something Adrian, Rocky Balboa's wife, would wear? Thats a plus for me. Also a plus,  I found a gigantic hole in the fence and ventured into the complex next door, and found even better scenery! Adventure!!

You can’t even really tell, but this dress is asymmetrical. It’s one of those mullet style dresses. It’s also short sleeved. But I covered it up with a sweater and a coat.

Aren’t these boots glorious? I decided that I was over my black over the knee boots, so I sold them at Freestyle. And Lo and behold, these beauteous boots came into the store. It was like they were waiting for me to need different boots. I couldn’t resist them.

Anywyas, that’s about it for me today. I really liked this picture spot, so on the days I’m not taking pictures at school, I might make this one of my regular locales. We’ll see. Well everyone, I hope your weekend is awesome! See you soon.


  1. Dearest dear!
    Thanks for entertaining me in my healing process with your blog. You look glorious! I had Siri put our recital in my calendar! The new banner looks very very very Wes Andersen! Love love love it! But love you more :) hooray!


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