East is East, and West is San Francisco

Jan 9, 2012

Hi Everyone! I hope you’re having a great day! It’s been kind of a crazy weekend for me. Work and Church make for some real busyness between Nathan and I.  Also, probably the cause of all my stress is always school in someway. If it’s not classes themselves, it’s stuff that relates with school, and right now, that’s financial aid. Probably the most stressful thing about school. I was really worried that I would have to pay a ton of money because my medical insurance situation is changing quite abit, but it turns out... I dont owe much at all.  Why do I freak out so much? Silly me. I always have to remember this: the Lord always provides in someway, if that’s in the form of a job or a random check in the mail, or my financial aid covering more than I thought, God always makes a way.

Anyways, enough of stressful talk, let me tell you about my day on Friday! I went with some girlfriends from school to the beautiful city of San Francisco. It really could not have been a more glorious day. Ask the girls, I actually said “This day is literally glorious.” It was so beautiful. The Sun was shining, it wasn’t cold or windy at all. It was perfect.

If you eat at Wipeouts, they give you a coupon for the coffee shop across the way, and the coffee shop gives you this little cookie with your coffee! It was delicious.

Now… I realize that the pier is totally a touristy joint, but you know what, how can you tell me that this isn’t a beautiful place? They still had the Christmas tree up even! It was huge! Gosh. So fun. Oh San Francisco, why are there two toll bridges, so I could visit you more? I know there’s actually a reason, but it was rhetorical, so please don’t tell me. I wish there was a way for this picture to not be so fuzzy, otherwise you would be able to better see the beautious women I spent my day with. It was so fun.

How glorious is this candy shop? It was full of awesomely beautiful candy.

Here’s a shameless GPOY. What did I tell you about this sweater? Im obsessed with it! I try to wear it as often as I can, and I'm not ashamed to tell the world!

Oh, I just wanna go back so bad and walk all over that beautiful city! Well you wonderful people. There’s my weekend update for you. I hope your weekend was awesome! I’m thinking about getting my bangs trimmed this week. What are your thoughts about blunt bangs? I like them. Who knows. I’ll see you soon.


  1. Looks like you had a good time! I love that they still have the Christmas tree up!

    xo Jennifer


  2. I love the pictures. San Fran is just wonderful!


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