They Can't Play in the Rock Quarry, There's Rocks Down There!

Jan 26, 2012

Hello Everyone! It's thursday! The even of the weekend. I can say as for myself, this has been a really great week! Senior Recital well on its way, Packages from my shop shipped (say that three times fast!), and I got the retail job of my dreams at Freestyle (thanks for your prayers and well wishes everyone), Hooray! AND also, the Muppets is in the cheap theatre!! I have to say, I can't get enough of 'em! I'm gonna make my husband take me:)

ANYWAYS! Hat people of this world: welcome me to your ranks. I have found, not one, but two hats that I absolutely love!  Now I'm on the hunt for more. This is what I decided to wear today. This green dress has got to be one of the most versatile things have ever owned. It's gonna go a long way for me I think.

The weird background of these pictures is outsite of Jessup in the parking lot! haha.

 This dress could seriously fit any sized human being. It's so roomy. Also, it's completely sheer, so underneath this dress is the AA blue racer back tank dress. Otherwise this dress would cause quite the scandal!

Well everyone, thats about it for me today! I hope you've all had a great week! I sure did! I can't believe all the things I've gotten accomplished! hooray for me, and hopefull hooray for you as well as you prepare to go into the weekend! See you soon!


  1. i love the sheerness of the dress! super adorable. and today was my first time going to freestyle! its a really cool shop. congrats on the job!

  2. I love that dress!!!! Where did you get it?!


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