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Jan 11, 2012

Good morning everyone! I'ts offically Wednesday, the official middle of the week-day. I have finally started checking off things on my million-mile long to-do list. First two things: book a venue for my senior recital, and copy all of my music for my accompanist. For those of you who care enough, I'll give you info if you want to come. It's free! ha.

Anyways, this is what I decided to wear today. You cant tell by this picture, but there is a definite theme going, and you'll figure it out by the end of this post for sure:)

 It's a lazy day for make-up so the glasses are on. Also, it was too chilly this morning, and so I decided to take my pictrues inside. As you can see, I didn't take the garland down from Christmastime. Who says it has to be Christmas-y right? I really like it, so I'm gonna leave it!
 How could I possibly resist this sweater once I saw the back of it? I love love love owls! they are such cool animals! Did you know they are silent when they fly? they are like... these perfectly aero-dynamic creatures. I dont know. pretty sweet, and they'res so many different kinds! my personal favorite kind is the white barn owl, They have such beautiful faces. alright, enough Planet Earth geekery.

This outfit probably has more owly stuff than any other outfit I have ever worn. But why not wear what you love right? Nathan also shares this love of owls, so we decided to litter our entire apartment with owl stuff. Even our Wedding invites had owls...That Nathan hand-painted, from a painting that hangs on our wall.

Well everyone, thats about it for me today. Hope you enjoyed owlfest 2012. It's been a fun one! I'm going out for lunch today with the ever beautious, Rachel 2. I'm Rachel 1, only because I'm older. 2 Rachel freinds eating lunch together! how fun! Anyways, time for errands (real ones)!! See you soon.

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