Recording Survival Guide

Feb 1, 2012

Hello everyone! So as you may or may not have read, the University Choir and Orchestra is recording their full-length CD this week. It's a long and tedious process, and to be honest, I was dreading it. Last year I spent every single day that week on campus from 7:45 AM to 11PM sometimes later, with no car, and no way to get off campus.  Let me tell you this: 16 hours of being on campus, being awake from 5:30 AM until Midnight for 5 days in a row, is probably the worst thing in the world. But that was last year.

This year it could not be different! My spring schedule is really laid back as far as class schedule, so I have time to unwind be quiet before being with 90 people...90 musicians at that! THEN once I get to recording, I'm all ready to go, and I'm with super talented people I truly love and respect, who are all focused on one goal, and that goal is to produce a really great CD. Choir, while I do sometimes complain about it, has been the underlying joy of my college experience at William Jessup Univeristy, besides the awesome provision and love of the Lord of course!

Anyways, so how does once survive such... how do I laborious intensity? Comfy clothes, Comfy shoes, Minimal make-up, Coffee, and Snacks.

Monday Night:
 I can't not wear my danskos! They are literally made for walking! Also standing for long periods of time. May you be singing or waiting for something!

the sustenance. I didn't purposely match my coffee mug to my sweater...but I dont mind that it does.
This is what I decided to wear today. Don't be fooled. I'm not actually looking at these books. This is the closest thing anyone will ever see of me wearing sweats or work out wear in public. I know I look slightly ridiculous, but I didn't feel like bringing another bag to school to change!
Minimal make-up calls for the glasses yet again.

Sadly, I've had these for months, and today is the first time I have ever worn them.

AND last but not least, the number one way to survive the craziness that is recording is: singing with people you absolutely adore. Rachel Jackson: please don't kill me. You are a babe in all circumstances.
Thanks about it for me today everyone. Not your typical post, but sometimes those are fun. I hope your week is going well, and that you are getting more rest than I am! Also, before I forget, I'm beginning my venture into sponsorship, so if you are a new shop or blog, and you're interested in Partnering with Parrish The Thought, then just find your way over to the Partner with PTT page at the top of this blog, and shoot me an email!!  See you soon.


  1. Ooh! Good luck with recording. Listening to choir is one of my favorite things to do :) it's so great.

    Also, I thought of you yesterday. Have you been to Deseret Thrift Shop in Sac? It's huge and full of vintage treasures.

    Aaannnd thirdly, I want to partner with you! I'll email you soon :)

    Happy recording this week,


    1. hooray! if we don't run into at shady first, I'll look forward to your email!! yay!! Thanks girly!

      Oh yeah, I'm dying to check out Deseret! Its not even that far from where I live!


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