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Feb 10, 2012

Hello Everyone!! I hope you're all havign a great day! Hooray for Friday! The weather could not be more perfect I have to say! It's been really sunny and perfect this week...even for California. Being up in Northern California we do have mild season change, and February is usually our rainy month, but no this year I guess! Weird.

Anyways! This is what I decided to wear today. Sandals and Sleevless! Can you believe it?! I've been pretty loyal to my daily blog reading, and a few of the ladies that I follow show tons of snow in their photo backgrounds! I took these photos this morning, and I wasn't even cold...and I'm always cold!

This mustardy color isn't one that I typically wear. However, I really loved the filly neckline, and I figured that I would give this color a try. I thought that it might make my super pale skin look kind of jaundiced, but I was pleasantly suprised.
Here's a good example of second day hair. I'm becoming more and more inclined to wear it down. That just means I have to wash it.

I found these little beauties at Freestyle, and the girl who sold them told me that she couldn't find anything to wear them with! To that I simply replied with "Turquoise is a neutral! You could wear these with anything!" I firmly believe that of these sandals. Also. I'm extremely glad to be wearing sandals in February.
OKAY story time. So I was watching Parks and Rec like normal, and I don't normally pay attention to the million nic-nacs that Nathan and I have collected for our shelf while watching TV...but I felt something staring into my soul. When I looked up I noticed that one of my Madame Alexander McDonalds dolls was staring right at me!!!! How creepy right? I think Michael Jordan was holding her back...thats what the situation looks like on film atleast. Oh life.
Well everyone, thats about it for me today! Enjoy the rest of your Friday, and have a wonderful weekend!! See you soon!

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  1. ohh, lucky duck!! i wish i could wear no sweater and sandals. sounds like a dream ;)


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