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Feb 9, 2012

Hi Everyone!! It's been a few days since I've posted anything, and since I know you've be desperately waiting at your computers for an update, I will now indulge you. wow. Anyways, sometimes you just need a break right? After recording, and trying to keep up with my blog during that whole crazy process, I just needed  a week to get my brain around school, and starting my internship. You know, pay attention to things that I've invested thousands of dollars in, and gone into major debt over.

ANYWAYS! On to funner matters! This is what I've decided to wear today! I'd seen Coury over at Fancy Treehouse wearing red over the knee socks, and was instantly inspired. That actually happens often at her blog (I've kind of adopted a WWCW what would coury wear mindset). But since I hate what my legs looks like in over the knee socks, I decided to go for the full-on red tights. Red tights are bold, and i know that, but I actually can't get enough of them! I'm no scouring my closet for what else I can wear with them. I tried them with over the knee boots... a little bit too "Mrs Incredible" for me...
 There was once a day when I was a full-time musician, and I wore this little dress on TV! I've had it for 6 years now. It is offically the oldest item in my closet, and I cannot sell it. It's also my most faovritist dress ever. I got it from FINA, a fancy schmancy boutique in Stockton. Thats where you go if you're gonna be on TV. It was the only way I could Justify buying something from a Boutique.

 I tried to ombre my hair over the weekend... and I didn't think you could even tell... until I look at this picture right in this moment.

 Thought you might want an update on the doggies! Chico (front doggy for new readers) just got fixed...he's totally fine. I was afraid it might change his funny personality, which would break my heart into a majillion peices... but turns out, he was good as new!
That's about it for me today! Dont forget the Valentine's day sale going on over at my Companion Shop at Etsy. Just click on the collage and it'll take you over!  See you soon!!

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  1. So pretty!! I love your dress! And your hair looks super pretty!


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